hi welcome welcome my name is bridget addo i am a business consultant strategist and coach and also the founder of business wisdom today i want to talk to you about a scripture that every christian entrepreneur and business person should know and should really live out but before i do that um if you love biblical principles and if you love empowerment business empowerment then please take a moment to just subscribe and hit the notification button so that anytime content is uploaded here you will be notified also if you’re a returning viewer and you enjoy my videos but you’ve not yet subscribed please make sure you subscribe and hit that button it will help us out with our algorithms so that we can grow and we can continue making content and making positive impact so one of the scriptures that you should really latch on to as a christian and explore and understand is deuteronomy 8 18. it’s one of my favorite scriptures um i have it written everywhere it’s on our website and that scripture says remember the lord your god because it is he who gives you power to create wealth so i want to explore three key words in that scripture which is remember power and wealth and i want to link it together and explain to you why it’s so important for you to observe this particular scripture and hold it close to your heart as a steward of um the kingdom because entrepreneurship is about stewardship entrepreneurship is a ministry it’s a call those of us who create products and who render services we are stewards we are caretakers of what god wants people to see and explore and engage with and experience um so that they can give glory to god that’s what entrepreneurship is all about so let’s look at the first word first key word is remember right remembrance is the meaning of remember is or the meaning of the word to remember is to have awareness of right have awareness to be intentionally aware so putting yourself in a position where you are consistently and intentionally putting god at the forefront of your thoughts so being aware of his presence of who he is of his mighty works of his laws of his statutes of his commandments and then living them out purposefully um a lot of people have heard of god right in christianity we’ve heard of god we know his names we don’t know who he really is we don’t know his attributes we we don’t understand how he manifests us the son how he manifests as the father how he manifests as the holy spirit what those three manifestations really are about and why he manifests that way and apart from reading your bible and going to church and reading books and listening to videos all which are amazing for your christian grace it’s important do you purposefully decide to explore by getting close to him right you know getting close to god means letting go of things that create a war you know this is a scripture that says that our sins have created a war between us and our god um and living the life that’s contrary to what god asks you to do or the life that god wants you to live even though he still loves you and he cares for you and you know the bible says that he causes the sun to to shine on both the righteous and unrighteous and alike so whether you’re righteous or not righteous in your christian walk you still experience the basic benefits of living on this planet if you don’t live on that level of acute awareness of who he is and relating to him in that manner then you won’t move on to a stage in your life where you’re really experiencing god’s power in his glory you will speak the language of faith you will pray you read your bible you will go to church but you will still feel that there is some place or something you need to attain in god you’ll always feel that way you won’t have that joy that joy that comes with the peace of god so remembering god is all about purposeful intentional christianity right living out your life the way that he asks you in the word that means cultivating fruit that means walking in love being kind um practicing long suffering being patient looking at the fruits and what that should look like and cultivating you know the fruit the spirit observing his laws you know showing love to the brethren um respecting and honoring god holding him to the highest esteem prioritizing your time your personal time giving him your best all these things mean that you are remembering him you are remembering him you know just because you live in a vicinity and have neighbors does not mean that you remember your neighbors all the time i know that there are seasons where i can go and i don’t remember my neighbors and then i was like oh i need to knock on my neighbor’s door find out how they’re doing um but that’s not the kind of remembrance god wants he wants it daily he wants you having him at the forefront of your mind that you’re consumed with him right he becomes your priority um whose god should not be an afterthought he shouldn’t be your glorified admin assistant who does things for you when you need an extra pair of hands that’s not that’s not who god is so the bible says that you should remember him um and in remembering him he will give you power so what does power look like power is the dictionary definition of power is um the ability to have influence right to move situations and to move people to move systems and processes um that is power power is having a voice power is when people hearken to your voice so if god if in remembering god he now gives you power it means that when we are consistent when we are deliberate in putting him at the forefront of our lives and we are aware of who he is how he wants us to live our lives out and we obey those things he now hands over us ability to to have influence okay the ability to move people to move systems the ability to have a voice people take notice of who you are what you do and what you say that is what power is power always is handed down all right power always is handed down from above so for example in the democratic system or in a nation we have rulers and we have leaders in different capacities and all those people only have their power because they are given authority people hand over their authority to them same thing power from god is authority being given down from above it means that somehow god enables you to have influence in the marketplace okay it means that when you create a product it influences people positively people take note when you create a service people flock to you because you have influence and that is always given from above influence empower comes from a place of favor when god favors you and favor has levels favor increases and it can decrease that is why you can increase in favor with people and you can decrease i know everyone on you every one of you here on this video would have had times where you have fallen out of favor with someone i know i have i have fallen out of favor with people for so many different reasons i’ve had a great relationship with people and then all of a sudden i have fallen out of favor um or vice versa you know someone that you really love them or you like them and then they treat you in a way that is not great and then you you know you retreat a little bit so you give them less power you know less power in that relationship and god does exactly the same thing once again it’s not about god loving you less or you losing your salvation but it’s about the way you treat god and where you place them in your life determines the level of favor that you receive and favor from god is power okay all forms of favor enables you to have a level of influence under the authority from which you receive the favor it’s like giving your children benefits you don’t love them less when you don’t give them certain benefits but it could be because they’re not being responsible they’re not being respectful they’re not doing as you’ve asked them to do and it’s exactly the same with god the less you honor and love him and respect him and observe his laws the less favor you receive in certain areas there are basic things that god will always give you as a child of god but to walk with him walking is movement walking with someone means that you are on the same path walking with someone is about coming into counsel with that person it’s the same thing with god when we walk with god we come into his counsel we have conversations on a friend to friend level and french friend relationship with god is where true powerful wealth creation comes from and and i know that we are living in the times where the hearts of a lot of people lean towards wanting to create a lot of wealth um because they know that we live in a really large world our population is huge and there are so many problems in the world but people want to be influential people want to help other people um but for you to get to that place you really do need to be in a space where you can influence people and that influence is power so that leads to wealth you know having wealth and is a mass of of um assets right different types of financial assets or um having um a reach having people power having property having gold and silver having money all those things are forms of wealth and wealth increases your space so wealth means that you take up more space that’s what wealth is right the more wealth you have the more space you take up in the world and that fulfills um i think genesis 27 that fulfills the law of increase which is the original commission to increase to have dominion to multiply so true wealth is about multiplying yourself it’s about taking up more space see a wealthy man he has more property his house is bigger he has more cars other people can afford to have more children so you can multiply yourself um whether there’s very little wealth you take up very little space um so wealth is about taking up space that’s what wealth is it’s multiplying yourself and it’s taking up a lot of space look at the people that you may admire and follow in media on youtube and look at how much space they take out they take a lot of space there’s influential people look at tdjs um look at um people musicians like adar don mohan they take up a lot of space they have a lot of people who gather around them um they have a lot of assets spiritual and physical assets so that’s what wealth is so in order for you to have great wealth you must walk in power power is given from a high authority god in order for you to have that power handed down from him you must have favor with him and in order to have favor you must remember him in order for you to remember him you must make a conscious effort every single day to put him first okay so once again i i just want to admonish you and encourage you and empower you with description i want you to hold on to the scripture i want you to meditate on it to think about it um examine it closely examine your heart and see if that’s a christian you’re truly living the kind of life that god asks that we should live ask yourself that and answer that question be honest with yourself because you have something amazing to offer the world you have your gifts your talents you have a service you have a product that god wants you to share with the world but in order to do that on a level that will really impact people and that will create wealth and that will um bring a change to your community and your family and the church you need to be partnering with god and for you to do that you need to respect and honor him and love him and hold him in high esteem so i hope that you have taken something away from this um video let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this are you are you walking in power do you understand the concept would you like me to do another video to explain further would you like a webinar um leave me a comment let me know your thoughts and if you feel that you need a bit more direction in how to get closer to god drop me a question too and i’ll put some content together for you thank you so much for watching and i will see you in another video

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