[Music] welcome back to Shabbat Night Live tonight you are in for a treat because we are going to answer some questions you’ve had for your whole life for example what is the meaning of life where does money come from why does money cause divorce what are the four types of people and are all of those people destined to be entrepreneurs good questions and we have a great guest to answer those questions he is an author he is a national syndicated radio host and Annie what else I mean your family’s been involved in entrepreneurship but what else is God no he’s a teacher he’s a motivational speaker he’s a mentor of mine somebody that I greatly respect and so we have Josh Tolley we’re so excited to have you join us especially during this time of year it’s the beginning of our fiscal year for a lot of business owners but it’s also the time that we budget for vacations and we start considering life in those New Year’s resolutions I am maybe you want to do something different this year better than you did last year right we should always want to be better than last year we should we should you know then what’s interesting about that that’s actually what got me started I remember I was sitting across the table from a couple in their 30s and they went to bed every night thinking is this all my life is so many believers year after year is this it is this really all that God had for me so yeah I completely agree great time to bring up this topic so what is money where did money come from well it’s interesting you know money is is something that we have a lot of opinions on it’s one of those three things that you’re not supposed to talk about politics religion and money and money is one of those and because we have such a daily need and use of it a lot of us form opinions that are kind of contrary to what it’s really supposed to be so if we look at the history of money it was just supposed to be a medium that represented something else so let’s say Scott you made pottery and you made furniture and I had farm eggs well if we were going to engage in commerce I would have to bring all of my eggs to see you every time in hopes that you wanted them and then that would get labor-intensive and you’d have to bring your furniture every time we traveled so you need a truck to bring it all with you so people realize quite quickly and this isn’t the way to do it so they used money which at the time either rice grain seashells we’ve used sticks in the past but we use this medium that represents something else and that was the way it was for a very long time and all money really is is it’s a it’s a medium of exchange between people engaged in commerce now in the past hundred years or so we’ve had a third party elements valuing it for us which some people think is bad some people think is okay but either way we get the value from another entity but we still engage in it all it is is a representation of something larger money in and of itself really is nothing which is why God talks about it so much because he wants us to have a proper understanding that it isn’t something in and of itself it is just a tool that represents something else that leads to another good question as Christians should we care about money should we even have money what is our relationship supposed to be like with money well it’s interesting you know a lot of Christians love to say money doesn’t matter but it does to God God talks more about money than he does salvation he talks more about how to spend it than he does heaven so if it was important to God important enough to put in holy scripture then we at least have to get to this point where we say it’s supposed to matter I think where we’ve gone wrong is in Christendom we’ve gotten either prosperity gospel which is some sort of weird you know by my magic handkerchief become a millionaire or some poverty gospel where money doesn’t matter at all but don’t forget to tithe on your way out the door so we’ve gotten these two crazy extremes and gone is what God actually wanted us to see in it and it was a tool a medium of exchange that allows his people to further themselves and he’s never hated it contrary to to what Christianity is kind of adopted he’s never hated money I mean think about it as soon as Adam and Eve left the garden he gave them a way to provide for themselves a provision which means there had to be a way for exchange and he even knew that which is why we see Cain and Abel giving sacrifices you sacrificed something that was important in this case a blood offering or something or a firstfruits well that was money they they used grain and sheep as a way to exchange so even that first sacrifice even though a lot of Christians don’t want to admit it that has an element of being money in it just from the very beginning and then we see the Hebrew slaves leave Egypt and does God say ah let’s leave all your stuff behind no he says not only are you gonna take your stuff you’re gonna take all theirs too so if money’s not important then why does God continually use it from from Genesis to Revelation do you think it’s a misunderstanding of where people say well money is the root of all evil and that’s not even the right quote no is that where we good I mean oh my gosh I am so glad you brought that up because what this reveals to us is a lot of Christians unfortunately and even more unfortunate a lot of Christian pastors wouldn’t be able to pass a 3rd grade English class and I don’t say that mockingly I remember in third grade English that the the teacher would give you a sentence and a red pencil and say circle the action word well most Christians would circle them word money well the action word in that sentence is love the love of money so we have to take a look and say well what is love right like that eighty song what is reality when we look at love love is something like let’s say you you love your spouse to be you spend as much time with them as possible you think about them all the time when you’re not with them when they’re mad at you at rooms your day right well now let’s replace spouse or loved one or fiancee with money how do you love money you spend all of your time making it you think about it all the time when it’s not happy with you ie debt it ruins your day so a lot of us love money in our poverty and we’d love to pass it off and say well I don’t love money I don’t have a lot irrelevant he didn’t say those who have a lot is the root of all evil he says the love of money is the root of all evil and it comes as a shocker to many believers that we are loving money in our poverty we just had church people no but really I’m on e is a subject that many people are scared about oh yeah especially as believers and we don’t want to be judged by one another and it’s almost like well a taboo subject like you said like politics so my question is where did the biblical econ or let me ask this what is our current economy okay and then what was it supposed to be what is the biblical economy that is such a great question because it’s actually more than one answer see a lot of people don’t even understand what the economy is we turn on the nightly news and they say the economy is good or they say the economy is bad but I actually taught a class everybody in the room had an MBA all MBA graduates and I asked them what the economy was and none of them had an answer and I thought wait a second if you are all MBAs you know masters in business administration and you don’t know what the economy is then what are we even doing here like how are we saying oh the economy is bad I shouldn’t get out so I started asking just general people on the street what’s the economy well it’s it’s the thing with the money and sometimes it’s good ok can you take me to it can you show me this economy and well how do you know if it’s good or bad the guy in the news told you hmm so what we need to realize is the economy is really just like a thermometer it’s a it’s a test to gauge how much exchange is happening the more exchange that is happening for the mutual benefit of the person selling and the person buying the greater the economy but that means we don’t have one we have millions so let’s say there’s the American economy it’s good it’s bad whatever but if you just got fired your economy is terrible if your city just got a bunch of new entrepreneurs to do startups the city economy might be great but statewide it might be terrible so we need to realize that our economy really starts at home how are we doing and this is what I liken it to whenever we worry about the economy we have to treat it like we’re on an airplane when I came out to see you guys I got on an airplane and they said in the case of an emergency oxygen masks will deploy from the ceiling put your oxygen mask on first so whenever we say well is the economy bad the first place you have to look is inside your door mmm if inside your door the economy is not bad okay but here’s the other part of that we’re not supposed to walk in fear so when the television tells us the economy is bad why does everybody get afraid and to be honest great economic opportunity is present when the economy is bad because when the bad economy exists it allows entrepreneurship to thrive and this is what I’d love to explain to people if you’re an employee then every night on the nightly news and they say the economy is bad I’d worry a little bit but when you’re entrepreneur there’s nothing to worry about because entrepreneurs create the economy every situation every culture every political system entrepreneurs always are the engine to the economy so as an entrepreneur when I see the the economy’s bad as okay time to lace up my shoes and go to work because I get to create it the only thing they’re measuring is what I do anyway so why are we letting the person with the thermometer tell me how the health is that makes sense it definitely makes sense that’s a different perspective than what we were taught in science class our studies and everything else in school which I mean the education system is a whole nother subject in itself it is it is but then to answer the second question about the biblical economy and this is where it gets really fascinating for believers and it’s something that I actually learned with Michael years ago we were sitting together with some people from the Christian Chamber so we see that Muslims come into a community and with just 3% population they can kind of take over and control the community and to their credit well done I mean you did some right right so with 3% they take over community how do they do that entrepreneurship the Muslim economy a dollar will go hand to hand in that economy 14 to 16 times before it leaves the Muslim community and goes into the general American population and that’s how they’re so powerful in the Jewish community that’s 10 to 12 times inside that community before we’ll go into the general population in the American Christian population it’s zero zero yep zero exchanges do we say well if I need grapes is there a Christian store that sells grapes instead we say well Walmart has a sale on grapes and then we wonder why in Christianity the economy the biblical economy doesn’t exist and what we are seeing in churches across the country is actually an adverse effect we have more Christians declaring bankruptcy than graduating college 7,000 churches a year get foreclosed on the when it comes to divorce that’s an issue – well maybe talk about that a little bit later but you have tied in all-time record lows why if-if-if the Bible tells us to be in the world but not of it then why are we suffering the consequences of the economy that the world is teaching us instead of forsaking the one that God prescribed and that’s the one we need to talk about because that’s the one we got away from I completely agree and I see that as a small business owner well thankfully we’re no longer small but as a business owner I see that we try to support local businesses as much as we as we can like in our household we avoid going to Walmart or any big chain as often as we can for any anything that we’re purchasing for that very reason because we want people to support us and we are to lead by example and so we try to go into the local community and/or local business and support them as much as we can but I agree with you that’s a very good concept that I hadn’t thought about as a Christian how many times do we look for another Christian business to do business with right right and as much as we’d love to say to these other communities Oh shame on you you know even even if we look back in history the Jewish population would get in trouble with the host country because what they became economically prosperous and everybody else is like hey how did you get all the money well this is how they got all the money they were entrepreneurs and we used to teach that in this in this country I have a textbook from 1929 it’s a seventh grade textbook and in seventh grade we taught what eleven twelve year olds we taught them as soon as you graduate school you start a business that was the default career well now it is completely the opposite especially in church so the world is telling us go to school go to college get good grades started get a job then church is saying go to school go to college get good grades get a job and then we wonder why we’re suffering the consequences of massive employment and then people come into church saying help me and we say ah do the same thing the world said just slap a cross on it you’ll be fine and then the non-believer says well why would I listen to you about anything if you don’t understand how the worldly works which is exactly what Yeshua says he says if you don’t understand the earthly you’re not going to understand the heavenly so non-believers come into a church whether it’s a building or a small group and they say help me and we tell them the same thing that the world told them it’s no different there’s no different that’s a real shame because we are supposed to be greater we’re supposed to be leaders were supposed to be the business owners were supposed to be kings and queens and heirs to the throne and very time at very times we don’t act that way like you said there’s a lot of foreclosure going on right now there’s a lot of debt right as a whole as a population I can only imagine that the Christian population does not it’s not exempt from that no matter of fact it’s almost emphasized because now when I go and speak at churches they have kiosks in the lobby where you can just you know put your tithe on a credit card you can actually get into debt to tithe or worse yet you have pastors that tell you that tell you to tithe your way out of debt well where’s that in Scripture so as much as it hurts and this is the funny thing about this topic this issue hurts there are going to be viewers right now that feel like I just kicked them in the gut right well that hurt what that hurt actually is is conviction it is the lie leaving your body and they’re gonna yell things like oh it’s not about money and all that you don’t chase riches we are talking about riches we’re just talking about who controls you do you control the money or does the money control you and right now the money is controlling the people there’s no way to flip it spin it we can’t argue our way out of it the money is controlling us in your first book quit your job or die which I love I honestly love it it’s fun to read funny to read and in just an easy read you may you’ve made a point about that very topic in one of your first chapters on being controlled by money you know and how are we financially free and how do we know and most of us are not because we can’t do what we want like you explained you know you’re you’re not able to live the life that you want spend the money that you want it’s still some kind of hindrance yes that’s preventing you from that yes and interestingly enough in the Bible it talks about you know God gives the power to create wealth and a lot of pastors will stop right there but there’s a comma there and that continues and as we know there were no commas so what does the rest of the sentence actually say it says I give you the power to create wealth as a sign of my covenant well are we not still under a covenant so how does this sign go away but people again will want to reject that and say well it’s not all about money it’s not all about money I agree it’s not but then stop working 40 hours a week for money and this is where we get a little hypocritical we’d love to say well money is not important then why do you leave the important things in life to go make it and it’s funny how the people who tell me that money’s not important are the people without it every billionaire I’ve ever met says Josh I don’t even think about money money bed at that point becomes like air when you have enough of it you don’t think about it but when you get there one day you’re on your way but when you have but when you don’t have any of it it’s the only thing you think about and is as pious as we want to sound money’s not that important well as soon as your kid needs new shoes for school and you have to think well what do we cut in order to get them money has become important as soon as you have to have a water pump go out on the car and because of that you can’t make it to go minister to somebody money has become important and what’s almost just a stick in the eye sort of hypocritical is I went and spoke to a roomful of men Christian men and I said okay men how many of you have children Oh hands what if your daughter came home and said daddy I’m in love I want to marry this guy what is the first question you ask him how you gonna take care of my daughter but I thought money wasn’t important you know why why does Jesus say hey when I come back I come back with what miss Dawson epididymitis repayment wait a second so why does he even say he’s coming with something to give you so we have to really grasp this and kind of put on our big-boy pants because the reason why faith is dying is because we have abandoned this issue we’ve left it to people on the poverty or the prosperity gospel and we’ve vacated that property so to speak so of course that’s the only two whacked out messages they’re hearing and they’re not hearing the truth and my position is God would rather have you poor living under a bridge and with your family then employed 40 hours a week without them so when people say oh are you preaching be rich not even close when I’m preaching is stop letting money control you I’d rather have you broke and in God’s Word as opposed to chasing money 4050 hours a week now there’s a question I’ve got it kind of relates to the whole you know our churches are falling apart less people are going to church you see that especially in Europe do you think there’s any tie between that and then when you go to some Christian businesses that they don’t they don’t get it they think the people will just come to them because they’re Christian but they don’t do a good job right is there some connection there where there’s sort of a laziness that because we’re a Christian it’ll just happen and we don’t have to try yes and that goes beyond just being Christian – there’s just a general laziness we have become an internet addicted sort of society we think well all I need to do is create a Facebook page or a Twitter account and money cometh no you still have to be a skilled business person which is why God says so much about being a business person it’s funny quit your job or die is half the size of Evangel burn or Evangel per newer takes what God actually said about how to be a business person and puts it into context so if we’re going to study the skill set that Paul had that Luke had that Matthew had that John had that David had well that’s a skill set that we used to teach in churches we really did we used to teach how to be an entrepreneur because everywhere west of Jamestown in this country every church is the result of entrepreneurs they knew it was important and we’ve abandoned it so one thing that I want to share is you know we came from Mexico my family and I we were immigrants and we came with just clothes on our back and we actually slept on on my father’s boss’s floor for like six months when we first arrived and then we moved into an apartment where we had no bed and shared a can of food I mean it was that intense and what I’m getting out of all of this is this is about creating your destiny yes and that’s what my parents saw the struggle and they said no more and started their own business now with blood and sacrifice a lot of hard work at the very beginning but we’ve never been a need sense and and that’s how my husband and I – I mean we own a business and that’s how it was ingrained in us both my parent both my husband’s parents both mother and father owned their own business that’s just what we grew up with we grew up with knowing and understanding that it’s going to be a struggle but it’s worth it in the end because you have so much more freedom not just financially but you have freedom to take time off you have freedom to go in late you have freedom to go to your kids recital if it’s in the middle of the day and freedom too as you mentioned talk on your phone when you compare them to prison oh yeah jobs to prisons I mean there’s so much more freedom that comes with just being a business leader yeah and what I like to point out too is the the parable of the the men with the talents right the what happened to the guy that just buried it yeah he was not only was his taken away but he was kicked out he was punished and his stuff was given to somebody else well that’s what we do we say money’s not important so I’m just gonna bury it I’m just gonna work 40 hours a week abandoned wife and kids and money is not important well good luck with that and why does Jesus continued to use parables of business owners the laborers in the field oh you know so again and again and again he’s teaching us something that we want to ignore and when you talk about putting in that sacrifice you’re gonna have to pay for it an hour later yes I’d rather put in the labor now and have the reward and live the biblical lifestyle as opposed to saying well you know what money is not important so let me abandon the biblical lifestyle and work for somebody else 50 40 hours a week which is half of or more than half of the hours that you’re usually awake I mean that’s how much time you spend at work I believe me I know right Scott that if you’re having to go into someplace and and work you know yeah take an even more yeah I knew for a long time I drove an hour to work in an hour home I mean that’s two hours a day that’s ten hours a week and I mean our jobs here at a rude awakening we see it very differently we see it as a service on to Jehovah and on to the people um but it nevertheless I mean you have to go out there and make your own destiny great your life yes and one of the things that we have to clarify is somebody is gonna say well I know entrepreneurs and they work even more hours than than employees only if they’re doing it wrong and that’s what we have to teach the reason why we see business owners working more hours than employees is because the entrepreneur is running his business as if he were an employee mm-hmm they run it as what do I do Monday through Friday and what service do I provide Monday through Friday well then you’re just a small business owner you now become an employee of the thing you created that’s kind of like a Frankenstein scenario and we’ve gotten away from working in entrepreneurship lifestyle I tell people if you’re working more than 30 maybe 35 hours a week in your business you’re doing it wrong it’s not that business doesn’t work you’re not working your business correctly wow that’s very thought-provoking yes I we’re gonna have to get into that so now you got me really thinking about that now 35 hours a week as our entrepreneur absolutely realized you say why would think about this why would you say that all of these other things are more important than money yet all of those other things have to fit in the spare time that you have left over like is is that really how God did it did God say hey mo che before you leave these people out of Egypt you have to go work 40 hours a week so just lead them like a quarter mile a day and you’ll get there in 40 years was that the plan or did he say hey I’m putting together an economic model that’s going to sustain you in the wilderness so you can work it wee while they were trading so you can work it whenever you can need to engage in commerce but other than that you’re gonna do my will and my purpose I have a good question so there’s been a lot of opposition on this subject with Adam and Eve because Adam was cursed with tilling the ground and that’s their fighting argument is that they were cursed to work so is that true I mean are we as essentially work a curse and if it is then how was this contradicting that theology well we have to look at that and say are we still living under a curse well that’s an interesting theological conversation right but even beyond that it’s how you work you still have to put in hours till to put in time but you work smart instead of just hard you say hey if I’m gonna put in effort how do I get the most yield any any farmer would tell you this I mean the Bible tells us this you know hey you cast this into the rocky soil you’re not gonna get much cast it into the healthy soil boom it’s gonna multiply right so we need to do the same thing with our work am i doing something that’s just gonna pay me $20 an hour if so then I should never expect it to produce and yield great results and instead I say well father I I threw my my seed on terrible ground please bless it he’s telling you I can’t bless that you threw it where you shouldn’t have thrown it so if you threw where you should now one seed creates an entire stock which creates hundreds of more seeds and that’s how we’re supposed to look at work it’s not that it’s a curse and it well it is but it it’s not that the work part is is the bad part it’s how do we address the work and again we think because we’ve been programmed since we start kindergarten you have to do something 40 to 50 hours a week why where’s that come from when did it start well okay so I’ll answer that and how we got a lot of that was when we had the Industrial Revolution in this country prior to that school was reading writing arithmetic a little bit of US history and then you’re out by lunch well along comes the Industrial Revolution and you have these titans of industries approaching state saying hey I need just like my numb little employee people can you create somebody who can work in our factories they’re gonna need to work from about quarter to 8:00 to about quarter to 4:00 because that’s where my factory works when do we go to school so and they need to learn a bunch of stuff they don’t really need to think they just need to be able to replicate answers so we went from a seventh grade textbook that taught us to start a business to now a seventh grade textbook that’s this thick and it’s nothing but repetition repetition repetition rigor did regurgitate the answer so we create little employees and because of that when those little employees become business owners they run their business as if they were an employee so it’s just a self prep it’s a continuation of a problem that we are creating the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil but you don’t have to be rich to love or be concerned about money do you worry about losing your job are you concerned about having enough would you like to give more to ministries but just can’t if you’re an employee then every night on the nightly news and they say the economy is bad I’d worry a little bit but when you’re an entrepreneur there’s nothing to worry about because entrepreneurs create the economy in an eye-opening series on Shabbat Night Live syndicated radio host entrepreneur and best-selling author Josh Tolley reveals the truth that believers are meant to be financial leaders and how to do it so when people say oh are you preaching be rich not even close when I’m preaching is stop letting money control you order faith and finances with Josh Tolley right now on DVD blu-ray or USB you’ll get both episodes as seen on Shabbat Night Live order faith and finances now by phone or online all right do we want to really support our school system the way it is this day and age because we were just talking about school what kids learn in school before the break and I know that I went to school you know those hours 8:00 to 8:00 to 3:00 or whatever it is every everyday in my life I went to normal school and my kids have both been homeschooled but they are far more entrepreneur minded than I am and and they’re racing ahead and one’s got a full scholarship to a university and the other one’s budding entrepreneur and I look at that kind of thing and go oh gee that’s too scary and you know what if this and what if that and they just go ahead with it is it because of the schooling I got or what oh absolutely absolutely it is because if you think about it kids are naturally inclined to become entrepreneurs you don’t have to teach them how to do it they figure it out on their own they start trading baseball cards with their their friends well the baseball card becomes money they learn how to do this all on their own because that’s what God designed God designed us to be entrepreneurs then we actually teach it out of them so we teach them oh no no no no no don’t be an entrepreneur there has to be a system there has to be you know go to school get good grades well there’s a reason why even this past year Vanderbilt University followed around a ton of valedictorians and salutatorians eluded to whatever 2nd place people until I wasn’t one of them and they followed them around and said ok in 10 where did these people end up and they found out that these people end up in a pretty precarious situation because they left school thinking there had to be a way to just replicate answers and keep getting rewards life doesn’t work that way and what they found was and that a student’s work for B students B students work for C students C students manage the company that the dese do knowns and your odds of becoming a millionaire are actually higher no joke your odds of accountant million are actually higher if your grade point average was under 2.5 because what you had to do is you had to get creative when it comes to problem solving you had to in order to even get the D and get the Diploma you had to become creative so now when you’re in life and you have to pay rent you automatically start to think how do I get creative hmm and you start businesses and that’s it’s such a powerful tool and a great example of this and how we’ve lost it so in 1929 like I mentioned we had that textbook that taught kids unless you are the dunce in the corner with the dunce cap on you’re gonna leave and start a business the dunce goes and becomes an employee so we went from that to everybody’s gonna be an employee well in the mid 80s when that generational switches is taking place we’re on the second generation of teaching everybody to become an employee Legos almost goes out of business and when you look at Legos toy that’s been around forever they’re thinking well there’s still kids why are we going out of business and what they discovered was nobody’s playing with them hmm because we taught the kids to lose their imagination Wow so then there was this guy at the boardroom of Legos and he says well tell you what guys before we close this puppy down just give me a month or two let’s treat them the way they’re being raised if parents are going to raise little employees let’s treat them like little employees so they came up with the first Lego kit that was something see before you could just buy a tub of Legos and make whatever your little imagination desired we lost our imagination so they released the pirate ship so now in this box this is what this is kid be an employee follow the instructions and that’s your playtime now now if you go to a big box store you cannot buy a tub of Legos they’re all kids because we’re raising a little employees so now they’re even playing like little employees but when you homeschool kids its way different because now they’re figuring things out on their own and they have this natural tendency to want what God provided which was entrepreneurship and it’s funny how Christians love to criticize this topic and say well I trust the Lord to provide great but the Lord loves us more than he loves a sparrow right well a sparrow doesn’t just get to sit in his nest and magically poof birdseed ends up in his gut he has to go out and get what God provided well entrepreneurship is that tool that is how you go out and get what God provided because if you’re an employee the only thing you’re getting is a portion of what God provided your boss so then that leads into an entirely dark place where we realize not only are we teaching our kids incorrectly we’re living incorrectly and the Bible tells us do not be unequally yoked and we love to say well that has something to do with marriage right well that’s marriage yes it applies to marriage but as listeners and viewers of this show know Michael goes a little bit more in depth in that and actually talks about yoke is a method of work when you yoke two oxen together and they’re not equal and one pulls ahead and breaks the neck of the other one you actually kill the other ox well okay let’s look at it from my work context let’s say that I’m working for Annie and just for examples sake I say I’m the believer money’s not important but I’m gonna leave my wife for 40 hours to go make the non important thing and she’s paying me I am now yoked to her what is she spending the money on how many believers say well the Bible is important yet never interviewed their boss to say hey boss are you even a believer just think about it if your boss is not a believer and they’re spending money on drugs or prostitutes or whatever then that means in order for me to pray to God and God please bless me and give me a raise my my boss would have to be blessed by God right so God would have to bless my boss in his sin in order to give me a raise find that in Scripture and this is what we’re talking about when we talk about unequally yoked but again people are probably nervous in their seats in yelling at the TV right now because they’re mad and the reason they’re mad is because it’s the truth and nobody likes the truth but what do we know about the truth it sets us free so it’s one of those painful topics that we have to talk about and unfortunately because we haven’t we’ve gotten to the place where we are no I love this topic you have no idea like I told you during the break I have a little happy emojis going on right now in my body because I just love the fact that we’re addressing an issue that is ruining our lives but as a people as well it’s crushing our dreams our desires like you said you feel fear when you’re considering opening a business yeah and for a lot of people that’s a common common thought right but what like you like Josh just explained and that that made me feel a whole lot better because it’s going out and getting what God has already provided yes so it’s not what if I can’t get customers what if what if nevermind the what if it’s already there right here a believer its intended for you waiting for you and you can’t tell me that God is with you in all things except business so God is now your business partner and there might be people say you all yeah but I had a business and it failed once employment is guaranteed to fail there’s no success option with employment because you only have you only have three options one you die two you retire and get a pension that’s never gonna work and if we had time I could explain how no pension has ever kept up with inflation or three you get fired so all three options the only three options that are possible at your place of employment lead to failure so when we see a business and they say well I tried that once and it failed great try again because at least this one holds the potential to succeed whereas employment doesn’t even have a shot and then if you’re gonna be somebody who doesn’t have the spirit of fear but spirit of God then you have to start saying to yourself well then what am I actually afraid of that he’s not gonna catch me this is why he says I’m a light unto your feet not unto your path because he wants you to take a step right where you see your next step and that takes faith and that’s what we don’t want to do if you look at most Christians why don’t you start a business it’s too risky so you’d rather find security in your boss as opposed security in your god good luck with that hmm now let’s if we made could we get into the four types of people absolutely it seems like a great opportunity of you sort of set the stage here so there are four types of people and that end up in in employment or or making money one way or another you’re either this one’s this one this one or this one yeah how do we what are they and how do we determine where we fit well here’s here’s the interesting part when I went to my Strong’s Concordance and looked for employee I couldn’t find it so I needed to figure out why isn’t an employee in the Bible right it’s not in the Hebrew it’s not in the Greek is not the Aramaic so when I started researching this I realized there’s only four types of people in the Bible masters laborers servants and slaves masters we understand he’s the rich guy on top of the hill got it slaves you understand don’t have a choice right because you’re whipped or whatever you’re don’t have an option but that leaves us with two servants and Labor’s servants were not slaves now this is a very big distinction we’d love to say that they’re the same people they’re not now and before we get into what it is we need to get a little bit of context the book of Matthew tells us that you cannot serve God and money not that it’s a sin or not that it’s an N and a boo-boo it says you cannot do it it’s impossible you’ll either love one hate the other hate one love the other so you cannot do it okay now that we know that let’s go back to what a servant is because it’s telling us that we cannot be a servant to God and money again circle the action word what are we doing hey were being a servant so let’s figure out what that is a servant in biblical times is servant in biblical times they started their shift when the master told him to when do you have to go to work when you want to or when the master says mm-hmm a biblical servant would work in eight to ten hour shift they were not a slave they worked in eight to ten hour shift how many hours do you work these servants didn’t get to go home when the job was done if there’s time to lean there’s time to clean there’s always another project right around the corner right so you the the servant only got to go home when the master said it’s time to go home when do we get to go home from work these servant if he saved up enough money he could buy his freedom today we call their retirement oh honey if I could just save up enough money I can get free if the servant loved his master enough and all actually teaches us if the servant loved his master enough he could go to the city gate put an awl through his ear take his master’s mark and be his for life today we call that tenure in pension C we are being servants to money through employment and we’d love to say I’m not a servant emani’s servant to money’s one of those rich people and it rules their life no it’s not no servant had a lot kind of the clue that you were the servant was the you were the guy without the lot right so this idea that we are serving money in our poverty that’s what you are doing in employment you don’t control you which means you are being controlled by something else other than God because God would rather have you with your wife and kids nobody can just prove that so he would rather have you with your wife and kids so you are being a servant to money it doesn’t mean you have a lot and then the worst part of all not only are we being servants to money in our poverty but we’re teaching our children to do so what does the Bible say about those who teach the young ones the wrong way right what does it say I’m better a millstone tied around your neck than to cause one of these to stumble holy cow so when Matthew tells us you cannot be a servant to God or to money and God right mm-hmm and then it tells us that if we teach against what he’s saying it’s better a millstone be tied around her neck and then yet for 40 hours a week we go do the very thing he tells us not to do so that’s a servant biblically now a laborer was a little bit different a laborer was like those dudes the Bible didn’t use the word dude but the labor was those dudes who were coming to the field after those other guys were already in it right Jesus uses this as a parable in Yeshua says what they’re getting paid what you’re getting paid and he uses it as a parable you know the guy who gets saved near the end of his life goes to heaven just like the guy who gets saved early on got it great but why did he use that parable why does he say that the workers and the laborers why are there two different distinctions because one’s a servant and ones an entrepreneur as a laborer or an entrepreneur could say hey you need a field that needs to be plowed I’ll plow the field for X amount of money and when the job’s done I’m out and then you need fishing nets that need to be repaired so tomorrow I’m expanding my skillset fixing your fishing nets I get to control my time I get to control the hours I work I get to spend time with my family and if I want to save up and take six months off I can wear as a servant needs to save up enough money to buy freedom so now the goal of freedom and being led by God is way closer than if I were a servant and this is why he says well done to you good and faithful servant because we’re supposed to be his servants not monies which means we should be using money for his purpose and that means if we’re being employed to somebody for 40 hours a week we’re actually controlled by the boss’s master and knew no Zooey’s servant so what is the distinction between because a laborer sounds to me like okay if you own a landscaping business you are the owner of that landscaping business and your employees are these servants sure so now who is the master in that kind of scenario well there’s no master there’s just an employer okay so now your master can be God because now I’m only offering my services for a predetermined time a predetermined rate and a predetermined job and people love to say well if that’s the case then who would fill the factory’s labors there is nothing illegally stopping a factory from saying hey I want you to make 27 widgets when you’re done go I just want 27 widgets so we have been taught in our American mindset that well if roads are gonna be built if factories are gonna be staffed if stores are gonna have two workers they’re gonna have to be employee workers lie that is a lie from the devil and it goes back to way in the beginning where he says surely he didn’t mean right because we are being led astray we’re being taught to be servants and saying well surely didn’t mean that’s a servant good luck proven otherwise because that’s exactly where we are and you can twist grips or any way you want it but at the end of the day let’s just be honest you’re not giving as much to ministry not because you don’t want to because you can’t you’re not giving your family the education that they deserve not because you don’t want to but because you can’t anybody see this is where we get kind of messed up with this anybody will say well money’s not important okay then just do a simple experiment go find your fellow believer who didn’t watch this program first tell them they need to watch the program but beyond that ask them if you were to get a temper raise at work what do you do with it all of them will say something like Oh buy a new TV get new trucks for the new tires for the truck or you know whatever mimimi III I thought money wasn’t morning then let about a week go by and say hey pretend you had a rich uncle who just kicked the bucket left you a bunch of money what are you doing it oh I’d build a homeless shelter for vets I’d get a private nurse for my mom so she doesn’t have to get into a home I’ll wait to say now that you have more than enough you’re not greedy see this is how we’ve twisted it we’ve actually convinced ourselves that if I get more than I need then I’m greedy what if you get more than what you need that’s when you actually can start giving you can’t give until you have excess which is why the parable of the woman with the two widow’s mites is such a powerful parable because people have to say well look she was poor and she gave she was actually wealthier than over 90% of this country because what do we know biblically if she was in debt she’d be in debtors jail mm-hmm so she wasn’t in debt so even though she only had two widow’s mites 90% of this country’s in debt so that woman was actually in a stronger financial position with excess than most people watching this program but yet we’ve twisted and lied to ourselves and we said oh well I’m doing better because I can charge it and I can get a mortgage where are any of these things in Scripture the Bible tells us do not be the debtor yet what do we do with our churches well we need a new church let’s go get a mortgage what he would rather have you poor teaching under a fig tree than have a church that’s in debt yet we don’t see that and then we wonder why we have the problem and instead of addressing the problem people are gonna yell at me and say oh well how dare you but they can’t yell too often because they got to go to bed to make sure they’re up for work in the morning go ahead share that was our goal my husband and I school in 2017 was to completely get out of debt so and I can say that we are which is a huge accomplishment I mean 100 percent because we felt that way too was you’re not supposed to be the debtor what we got ourselves in there but I mean we’re just utterly grateful that we have that financial freedom at this point so that we’re debt-free and hopefully never get back into debt and that brings us to our next question you know the thought is then that well because we have all these twists in our thinking there right now we think well entrepreneurship is for the special few that have those special skills and if you have the right luck maybe you’ll make it but you say entrepreneurship is for every family yes every single family I don’t care if you’re from Yale or jail I don’t care if you’re white or black I don’t care if if you’re handicapped or it doesn’t matter entrepreneurship is actually the great equalizer I said this last time that I was on with Michael and it’s a great example the first female millionaire in this country not only was she a female which is hard enough she was a black woman in the 1800s so you start thinking well how is that even possible she’s an entrepreneur that entrepreneurship equalizes things we had black landowners we had black slave owners but they were entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship regardless of where you’re at is always the great equalizer and it gives you the ability to keep up with inflation inflation has been 10% every year since 1871 documented it in the book it’s been a three-time Amazon number one bestseller never been discredited it has been 10% every year on average since 1871 which means if you are an employee who gets a 4% cost-of-living increase you went backwards 6% and if you don’t believe me just look up the dollar index prove I’m wrong look it up right now and if you looked it up today like I did before we came out here your dollar is worth 6 percent less than it was at the start of last year so automatically you just lost 6% there even if everything I said was wrong so you need to get to this point where we start saying to ourselves what are we doing everything let’s say if somebody watching it disagreed with everything fine but why are you going to work for money and abandoning the things that are supposed to be more important you can’t spin that and that’s why it’s for every family it allows you the opportunity to keep up with inflation and it allows you the at least potential to get beyond where you are right now and I’m not saying if you’re a servant of money you’re sinning that’s between you and God if you have the option to get out but my point is everybody has the option to get out people tell me all the time oh well there’s so much regulation how can somebody be an entrepreneur in today’s America folks you can be an entrepreneur in prison if you’ve ever known anybody who’s been to prison you know not yourself wink wink but if you’ve ever known anybody else who’s gone to prison there’s somebody in there that can get you a girlie magazine pack of cigarettes cellphone drugs whatever right if that person can be an entrepreneur in an 8×8 steel box under 24-hour surveillance don’t tell me you can’t be and when we talk about things like the mark of the beast and you can’t by yourself without the mark guess what the only thing God can use to help you around that system is entrepreneurship because it’s gonna be the black market at that point but it’s still a form of entrepreneurship that he’s going to use in order to get you past the mark of the beast system so how does someone choose then you say okay great I got me fired up now what do I do what what skill how do I choose what skill I have to turn into a business how does someone decide that well step one is you don’t go to where you think you would need your go knee-jerk reaction is to start a business and something you know like or desire so I can’t own my vineyard not if it’s not if it’s the business say you’re hoping that just gets you free I had a guy tell me once the Josh can you help me start a business I said sure what do you want to do well I want to own a bed-and-breakfast I said great do you have 300 grand that I don’t know about he says well no I said well then don’t do it we’ll see I knew it took money to make money no it took money to own bed and breakfast and that’s where we kind of get this picture wrong when people when when I ask them what business do you want to start they always tell me something that they desire the the passion the the end goal business maybe the vineyard but that’s not where you start you start at what can I start today with what I have that gets me out of employment and everybody can do that I’ve helped homeless people do it I’ve helped ninety four year olds do it I’ve helped people in wheelchairs do it it doesn’t matter everybody can start that sort of business because it’s not it’s not limited by what just you can do you start getting involved in real entrepreneurship and in some cases you don’t provide the labor at all you just provide the facility or the training or the space or the computer or something that allows the engine to run and for that you get a part and sometimes you start with a part but a little bit is better than nada right and that little thing can grow because now you have something that God can bless and it’s amazing how entrepreneurship has been such a blessing and I’m not a theologian like somebody’s gonna say well it was actually you know this verse instead of Mattie that’s not the point the point is from an economic standpoint I dunno what we’re talking about and where we find ourselves is a very perilous position and as long as Christianity goes down this path of blind employment we are going to continue to suffer well I’d like to know your opinion on where is our economy today it’s a new year it’s 2018 what can we expect huh well let me put on my little my little hat and make a prediction right I think what we’re going to see is we’re going to see a rise in alternative currencies because people are realizing hey wait a second the American economic system is based on a bubble nobody’s denying that the stock market right now is a bubble it’s overvalued even though everybody’s happy and yay record numbers it’s still overvalued I mean when you have Tesla company that I like but when you have Tesla that is valued higher than General Motors who is actually selling way more cars there’s a bubble and it is gonna correct itself so you’re gonna see a rise of alternative currencies some are our base some are crypto based but there’s lots of you’re gonna see a rise of that you’re also going to see a call for more massive employment which is always a bad sign I don’t care how people vote politically but when both parties are saying hey we want to be the party bringing mass employment back in jobs jobs jobs that can only consume in economy no no economy can last more than three generations of its based unemployment we are now in that third generation so what I would say is I would say that the people watching this program and reading their scriptures are going to have to look for a godly solution and that godly solution is to start creating a culture which is something we don’t have you know Christians look no different than non-christians right so create our own culture and in that start creating our own economy – and we see it through our cultures I mean I was just meeting with one of our associates who is from India and he says well in India we don’t we don’t have to go to the banks we have what’s called a Chitti and a Chitti is where they have people in their community I’ll pour into a pot let’s say everybody pours in a thousand dollars so now there’s $50,000 in a pot so now we have fifty thousand dollars to start business one now next month we have fifty thousand dollars to start business to and he says this is why my culture has so many entrepreneurs this is why you don’t see a lot of us working at the stores for 10 to 20 hours $20 an hour we’re all starting businesses so we have to get to that and that if we see that in 2018 it’s gonna be a good year that’s actually very common in the Latin American community as well so I’ve actually done it a handful of times with me and ten other people when we do it for ten months we all commit to a thousand dollars and at the end of it you get ten thousand dollars but it’s a huge chunk of money that you can do whatever you want with so you know that almost brings to light the the wrong thinking we have in America about independence everybody being independent we’re not independent we need to be interdependent where everyone puts something in so that we can all benefit eventually well that’s why God created tribes I mean you have to remember when when Israel wanted a king he actually said don’t do it don’t don’t do the king thing don’t do it he created tribes and tribes work exactly like that and that’s why we see cultures who come into America are so successful when they state tribal they stay tribal on purpose and it allows them to thrive and we need to get back to that instead of arguing about well I love my job well stop it for a second even if you do which I disagree with but even if you do what are you doing to promote the culture your beliefs I mean for goodness sakes you referenced the comparison I made in the book in prison they give you a Bible well in all 50 states you’re not supposed to take a Bible to work so tell me again how this is what you love so much we have to get back to that cultural tribal society and use entrepreneurship to our advantage Thank You Josh well you know what word time’s up for this episode but come back because we’re not done here in the least so we’re gonna come back and next time we’re going to talk about the meaning of life and that is where we’re gonna start our next episode of Shabbat Night Live until then we thank you John for being with us and thank you Annie for asking all those great questions and it can’t wait to learn more and I bet you can’t either so until then until next week will bid use Shalom Shavua Tov and we’ll see you next time on Shabbat Night Live [Music] like this video watch more at Michael Rood TV [Music] you

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