okay sis we need to talk i understand that we are all here to serve we are all here to do something that god has called us to do live up to our purpose but that does not mean you need to undervalue your services your expertise your products you need to undervalue or even give them away for free okay so let’s talk about this because it’s something that i noticed a lot within the christian um entrepreneurial realm it not rome but world i guess to say is i know a lot of like christian women and christian men who are undervaluing their services and not charging full price for what they actually need to be charging because they’re doing it out of the kindness of their heart is that bad no the heart needs to say the same but we need to address the other part okay so let’s go ahead and talk about it hey y’all what’s up and welcome back to my channel my name is andrea and this is the place for entrepreneurs and content creators looking to brand their businesses and increase their online impact [Music] y’all so i’ve seen this so many times okay i’ve seen it so many times it happened to so many people i literally was just on the phone with somebody on thursday night regarding this exact topic and one of the reasons and this all seems to be me too but one of the main reasons i’m so passionate about this is one like i said it used to be me too i see too many people under valuing their services are charging for free so just because god has given you the vision just because god has given me the business does not mean he wants you to give it away for free okay i’m gonna get into all the reasons and my reasonings behind all of this but it’s something that let’s let’s we’ll just hop into it okay what has happened to a lot of times it’s the mindset around money so we’re gonna we’re gonna debunk that too in this video so stay all the way to the end because we don’t want we’re gonna get you right all right but a lot of times it’s something with money you think that money is bad or whatever when that is truly money is simply a tool that allows you to do more that’s literally all money is so if you flip your mindset about money then it’s not like this horrible thing and yeah so let’s hop into the reasonings why i see this a lot and how you can actually fix this within your business if you find yourself undervaluing your your services or your products or whatever you offer and you want to figure out how to get better at that so let’s hop into it so number one is that i notice a lot of you guys and a lot of people are downplaying your actual craft there are people who are charging double triple quadruple what you offer doing way less than what you’re doing because they know how to communicate their value they know that their product is worth it and so it’s one of those things where it’s like well a lot of people have this mindset of like well it’s not you know this or it’s not good enough it’s not grand enough it’s not big enough it’s not small enough it’s not whatever enough to charge for it i’m like yo no that’s not true that is not true is somebody getting value out of this okay then that’s what you sell it on not like all these other random things so i just see so many times christians be so stuck because it’s like oh well you know god guys i want to just give it back and it’s like you can give it back and you can charge for the same time okay all right a lot of times too number two is i see a lot of people doing this out of the goodness of their heart and let me be very clear with you i’m not saying your heart needs to change that’s literally where your heart needs to be we have to change your concept around money and your concept around money with especially when it comes to your products and services because as a business owner as an entrepreneur you’re not going to survive if you keep giving things away for free or you keep you know giving people discounts here and there no cis are they getting discounted value no okay then charge the real price the price is the price okay that’s why i love helping entrepreneurs communicate their value that’s what i do within my coaching program youtube pro which i’ll talk about in a little bit but whenever it comes to what god has called you to do he’s not calling you to be broke either you know what i mean like you doing what you need to do within your small business as an entrepreneurial venture as your side hustle whatever that is you need to charge the real price and stop giving people discounts in terms of that like sell on the value and i understand i know you make the best cookies i know you make the best of blankets i know you got one of the best courses on x but that does not mean just because god gave you the vision for it that you should not be charging for it you having more money will give you more opportunities will give you more opportunity to serve more people will help spread god’s mission out more because you’re going to have the time and the ability to do so so once we change our concept around money then that will fix a lot of things but i see so many people like mad because they’re like well i can’t even get by i’m trying to do this and this and this and this person’s running me into the ground it’s like well you’re allowing that as well like let’s let’s learn how to communicate our boundaries in terms of what we are going to do what we’re not going to do in terms of business so are we going to charge yes are we in charge of full price yes okay are we going to charge the price that it’s truly worth yes more no less no okay but i see so many people stuck on this because it’s like oh well god gave it to me so blah blah you know how many people god has given people all types of things and people are charging for them people are making a living off them people are able to like impact the kingdom like nobody’s business because they’re using their resources they’re using a tool of money to impact more people on a daily basis so why should you be the one that’s left out broke and underpaid and struggling to get by when you hold just as much value within your product or your service i’m just saying and i know it basically i’m coming for your throat i’m not i love you and that’s why i’m telling you guys this because this used to be me i just feel like well i just love doing it so it’s like okay so number three is like which one will you take better care of so for example if your parents bought you a car versus you buying a car which one are you gonna take better care of naturally you’re gonna take better care of the one that you bought okay and if it’s not a car whatever it is naturally you’re gonna take better care of the one that you bought could you spend your hard earned money to get it and that’s something that you’re going to value more and so it’s the same within your products and services that you’re offering as a christian entrepreneur that’s why i’m saying this because if you allow somebody not to pay you for the services and i’m not saying here’s the thing we’re all business owners you’re in charge of your own business you can do as you please this is just advice from one assistant to another sister okay because this is something i saw a lot now it’s completely up to you how you want to do this but what i’m saying is if you allow somebody not to pay the full price you’re actually jipping them of the value they can actually get okay as an example say i paid ten thousand dollars for a two-day experience with like my favorite entrepreneur i don’t know whatever um and it’s gonna help me do this since that was in my business all this other stuff and then say i paid 20 right and then said that day comes and it’s time for me to go to this two-day event but it is storming in dallas it is crazy outside all these other things and if i paid twenty dollars for that ticket i was like oh no that 20 i’m not going it is wet outside my hair but if i paid ten thousand dollars you best bet i’m gonna be there early got a good seat be there in the rain and shine whatever happens because you have more invested into that and so it’s the same within your business and your products and stuff stop giving people everybody and a mama discounts okay because are you giving discounted services and discounted value no you see what i’m saying so that’s why i see a lot of christians struggling within business is because you’re so focused on you know wanting to do what god calls you to do which i’m not saying that’s bad so don’t take it as that i’m gonna finish my statement before y’all jump on me or whatever but i’m saying that in terms of you can also charge for what god has called you to do as well okay because if he wants you to do it he wants to do it full time the only way for you to do it full time is to charge full price you don’t mean and to charge like the full worth of what that thing actually is so don’t be afraid of doing that you guys it’s okay now i’m not saying every now and then you feel the goodness of your heart and you want to kind of give a scholarship to somebody or gift something to somebody that’s okay but i’m not i’m saying this for everybody and as well like something that helped me with this is really increasing my level of sales and increasing my knowledge and awareness of what sales actually is and it doesn’t have to be sleazy and that’s something i teach my clients within youtube pro as well and how to sell on youtube and overall within their businesses online so yeah and speaking of youtube these points are just flowing together but speaking of youtube pro if you guys are entrepreneurs or small business owners looking to learn how to brand your business and get consistent clients consistently and also build your online community that way you’re not having a search for your next client every single moment right after the the new one you gotta worry about the next one no no ma’am if you want that automatic target audience generating funnel and create that evergreen marketing funnel within your business then definitely come check out youtube pro it is a dynamic group coaching program that i love and it is truly my honor to serve the ladies who are in the group so that’s something that you’re interested in i’ll put the link down below on the screen for you right here and then also in the description box down below so go ahead and click that spaces are limited you guys it can only take certain amount of people per like cohort so if that’s something you’re interested in go ahead and apply and then we’ll look into you joining so like i said before earlier one of the things that i really had to work on was my money mindset and i find a lot of people especially a lot of christians are this thing where it’s like you don’t want more than you can have it’s like this mindset where it’s like you’re greedy if you have more than what you need and things like that it’s like that’s not a good mindset now what we’re not gonna do is we’re not gonna obsess over money we’re not gonna i lost money and we’re not gonna create the love of money speaking of that a lot of people get the verse wrong the verse is actually the love of money is the root of all evil not money is the root of all evil you see what i’m saying so i saw somebody on tick tock trying to flip that verse around and i was like no no no no no sir okay no sir but i say that because that’s a lot of times that’s what’s in a lot of christians hearts as well you guys money is simply a tool okay money is just a tool to help you get from point a to point b to have experiences to have opportunities to be able to do different things that’s all money is and so once you like lose that mindset around money it frees you to make more of it to be able to do better to be able to go out and do good good people do good things with their money so we should have more of it right now i know there’s no such thing as a totally good human being i understand that but y’all know what i’m trying to say we all have good hearts that’s why you’re watching this video we have good hearts we have big hearts and we want to help and serve our people and so having that money will give us more opportunity to do that so getting ready to read something to you guys repeat after me i have it on my ipad but repeat after me as i’m saying it don’t worry there is no like new agey any weird stuff this is all christian based um so don’t worry if that was something you’re worried about because it’s something that i have to be looking out for as well as an entrepreneur so repeat after me i acknowledge okay go ahead and repeat it because i know you probably even if you’re in public i don’t care go ahead and repeat it okay so i acknowledge that god has called me to help and serve his people i release negative connotations and mindset surrounding money i acknowledge that money is a tool that allows me to help more people i will continue to serve oh wait i will continue to serve the people god has called me to and get paid for my expertise from this day forward so if you have repeated that go ahead and put that down below in the comment section like just say yes i’m here for it yes i did it um whatever you want to say let me say yes i’m here for it in the comment section if you repeated that and you’re ready to change your mindset around money i do not specialize in money mindset but it’s something that as a business owner and as an entrepreneur i had to change for myself to be able to see the results i was wanting to see so anyway you guys i hope this video was helpful it’s one that is really near and dear to my heart because i see it so many times and i know a lot of people who struggle with it and so it’s definitely something that i love to help entrepreneurs with love to help small business owners with within youtube pro youtube pro is such a dynamic program you guys is awesome so if you guys are interested and it’s something that you feel like will resonate with you please do not hesitate at least do your due diligence to go check out the application page and then from there you do you okay if you feel like it resonates with you then apply if not that’s okay but just want to give that to you as an offering for you so come check us out i will put the link again on the screen here for you and then also down below in the description box for you to check out all right you guys i love you so much i will also if i forget remind me to put that what we just read in the description box or the comment section that way you guys can have it and read it over day over and day over as you please and as you want to and as you know because we believe what we hear ourselves say mostly and so it is very important that we are speaking life into our situations and in our businesses so if you want that i’m a copy of that um just remind me if i have not already to put it in the description box or in the comment section below alright guys i love you to the moon and back and i’ll see you guys in the next video [Music] bye

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