few Christians really spend all that much time in their church buildings and most don’t minister there they get ministered to where they spend most of their time and have their most opportunities to have an impact on others is the workplace we’re going behind the scene at some of America’s businesses to show you why marketplace ministry may be god’s next big move the average time that an American spends in business 46 hours a week so the the opportunity for influence through the marketplace it’s just phenomenal Tara Chapman heads up a worldwide effort to help businesses led by Christians take their rightful place partnering with God it’s called the fellowship of companies for Christ International FCC I Bobby Mitchell helped start it up four decades ago Billy Graham made the statement about ten years ago that he believes the next great move of God will be through the marketplace there are 5 million churches worldwide but far more businesses when you’re talking 90 million businesses around the world 28 million businesses here in the US how important even sacred is your work to God well so much so that the Old Testament word for both worship and work is the same avatar is the Hebrew word for work and worship Mitchell says he loves spreading through our CCI this truth that worship and work and walking with God should all be rolled up together Robbie Thompson head of Conklin metal industries likes the way Ecclesiastes sums it up there’s nothing better for man than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work and that is a gift of God and really it’s the gift from God every day Thompson has these goals for his company in life honor God with how I work how I deal with employees and co-workers and to glorify Him really in all that I do and to create a company where people can find that satisfaction but bosses can’t force their workers to convert and if they want to accept Christ and that’s great we would encourage him to do that but we would would never pressure him to do that they can however talk about Christ in his ways to those who want to hear about him he really is the answer to every problem whether it’s whether it’s depression or addiction or worry or you name it he he is the answer and he wants to be the boss’s boss God is the owner of your business he’s in the corner office what if every decision is taken to God the Father before you even do make any decisions FCC I began with Mitchell one Christian businessman wanting to live his life with integrity my life did not reflect what I said I believed then he was shaped by the book in his steps in which an evangelist gave a church a famous challenge faced every issue in life by asking what would Jesus do and to act accordingly as the head of georgia’s applied ceramics Mitchell and other bosses began meeting in 1977 around Atlanta to see if they could head companies like Jesus would soon they started FCC I and now it supplies videos materials and case studies to help all its members in 139 countries do business God’s Way we just streamed some material 230 million people in Pakistan but their core is meeting weekly in small groups of business leaders this is an opportunity to come together talk about real business issues and challenges so we’re not a Bible study which a real business type of organization and I’ve seen people sell companies back companies totally re-engineer companies based on the input they got out of these small groups for business leaders it’s often lonely at the top which is why it’s good there’s small groups just for them or they can do like together learn from each other he held accountable by each other you know a CEOs job is probably the loneliest one in the world maybe you’re gonna complain too right yeah you got a board you have a staff you have yeah you have no word or kind of kind of release and that’s what the FCC I small groups offer a safe environment that they can be transparent they can be open they can talk about these business issues and challenges they want to honor the Lord they want to get it right that’s really talking about how do you operate a business in a way to clarifies the father Mitchell says it’s the best way to live I’m a pure entrepreneur but the most exciting part of my business career has been walking with the Lord through this business wherever God is planted you you need to bloom Paul strand CBN News reporting from Norcross Georgia

https://christianpreneurmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/hqdefault-31.jpghttps://christianpreneurmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/hqdefault-31-150x150.jpgkristianpriseManagement5357541920001,applied ceramics,cbn news,cbnnews.com,cbnnewsyoutube,christian businesses,christians,conklin metal industries,fcci,jesus,paul mitchell,paul strand,pst667,robbie thompsonfew Christians really spend all that much time in their church buildings and most don't minister there they get ministered to where they spend most of their time and have their most opportunities to have an impact on others is the workplace we're going behind the scene at some...Doing business God's way