Hello Shae, welcome. I almost want to say welcome back, but actually welcome to
the Christian CEO podcast. Thank you so much Kelly. I’m really happy to be here. So thanks for inviting me. Okay guys, just you know, I mean we already actually 20
minutes without hit the recording, so that’s how good, we are enjoying ourselves. Exactly. That’s the thing, you know, uh, Shae, remind us that, where is your location? I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Okay. Florida. Well Florida, I was my home too. So, uh, I am in Switzerland, so guys just see we haven’t met in
person but we feel like two sisters, like banana split, whatever you call it. You know, what happened is before, when I used to live in America, yes, I have a lot of like, uh, African American friends and
we got particularly well, I don’t know why; and because you know, they are dark chocolate and I’m yellow, so we always say, well we together, we are like a banana split. Right? So you see, I can make that joke because I’m yellow. Okay. So out there you have to
watch for what you say so. Okay, it’s getting too controversial here. Now today I’m super excited to get my
sister come to the podcast is because she has, I wanna say she has a book come out, but actually the the right way to say
is she has another book to come out because she’s such a prolific writer. And so Shae, tell us a little bit about how on the
earth you want to write another book. Okay. So I am, I am absolutely a writer at heart. So I do enjoy writing, but when I write books, nonfiction books, you know, for entrepreneurs, my only write it if God
gives me an instruction, gives me something to work with, you know, for me to write. And so the Kingdom driven
entrepreneur community and movement, that was started like six, you know, six years ago now. It started based off of a
word from the Lord that was, it’s a community. It’s a movement and it starts with a book. And so my co founder, I kingdom driven entrepreneur, her name’s Antonina Geer two of us, uh, just kind of praying about, Hey Lord, what is this book? What are we going, this was six years ago and we wrote
this book and it was called the Kingdom driven entrepreneur
doing business God’s way. And so when we released that book, it was the beginning of the
movement back six years ago. And so a couple of years ago, I, Lord just, I just, it was just on my heart. Like I really, so much has happened in the
last several years here and I, and I feel like this is a completely
different book now and I want to rerelease it. Lord said, no. It’s like, oh, but there’s so much goodness
and I want to share. No. Okay. So I put it on the shelf and then
a couple months later I got another assignment. It was to write a book
called grace over grind. And so that was my 10th book. And I released that in January of 2018
and after releasing that book a couple months later, I got like the green light to rewrite
the very first book that started everything in the beginning. And I’m so grateful for God’s
timing and just the wisdom of God. Because if I wrote that book and that at
the time that it was on my heart with a seed of my heart, like that seed at that time, if I wrote it, then the book would not have looked
anything like what it actually looks like today. And I believe it is a much better book
in a much more impactful message today than it would have been two years ago. And said, I thank God for that. And yet still the book that
he gave me to do you know, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, right. With grace over grinds. So, so that’s why I wrote it. It’s just been on my heart
for a couple of years and I, and I pursued God until I got
the green lights are write it. Before we hit the recording, guys! We also have another
interesting conversation. Uh, I told God and said-You se, this is an interesting, right?. I mean, you have to hold Shae back
that don’t write a book. I mean, you’ll have to push me to write. So, you know, God just, you know, I have different kids that just, that we are, we both are parents here and, and uh, so now Shae that, you know, I know from a what you sent me the, you know, the content of the book. Which I am super excited about, tell us a little bit about your
thoughts when it comes to the heart of a kingdom, kingdom driven entrepreneur? Yeah. So I love talking about this
topic because I think it, it’s uh, it’s enlightening for a lot of, a lot of us as people who are just
like me who are Christian Love Jesus. You know, I like Jesus is my Lord and Savior. But as it related to my, the way I did business, I was never seeking God about my business. You know, years ago I wasn’t
seeking God for business. I wasn’t even talking to him about
my business unless it was like, hey, here’s my plans. Oh Lord, bless these plans. Right? I mean, maybe I would do that, but really I was the way I
was learning about business, the way I chose to do business, everything about it was based off of just
what I was learning in the world’s way of doing things. But I, but I’d love Jesus, right? But, but I was not kingdom driven, kingdom focus, kingdom minded, none of that. Right? Just someone who loved Jesus, who happened to be in business. And there are lots and lots of
people who were just like me. Right? And so what, God just completely transformed my
heart and my mind on this thing, on what, you know, I’m doing everything with him. Everything. Right? And so forth. For a kingdom driven
entrepreneur that’s someone, it’s not, it’s not satisfying to that person and
just say I’m a Christian business owner or to put like, I mean they’ll have a sticker that
says Christian business owner and have, you know, to have the, you know, have a picture of Jesus or you know, you know, all of those things that you know, you, it’s not enough for somebody like that
because someone whose kingdom driven like their heart is that I, if you think about the
words kingdom driven, driven, like what am I motivated by and
what am I propelled forward by? It’s by the kingdom, the Kingdom of God, God’s way of being, God’s way of doing things, his rule, his reign, right? And that looks completely different. In fact, I would say upside down from the way
it would be if you were just like, uh, I happen to love Jesus, but I’m out here doing
business in integrity, right? As best as I can. And even maybe, maybe even I have read proverbs a hundred
times and I’m doing business based off of the wisdom of the Bible. But that still doesn’t mean that you are
focused in on seeing the Kingdom of God advanced through the work that you do. Seeing the glory of God revealed
through the work that you do in the marketplace. It’s a completely different conversation. And I believe that God’s heart is to see
more of his sons and daughters to align with his heart for the world, by being kingdom driven kingdom minded, kingdom focus and what
they put their hands too. And if you, if what you’re putting
your hands to his business, then that means he’s involved in that too. And it should be for his glory. Exactly. And I’m so glad you, you mentioned about that. I think, um, my personal background that, how I became a Christian, it’s quite different. So, so then, uh, uh, I was, I was saved, uh, where I was born in Taiwan and was
a total be marked as the rebellious, the outcast. Cause that moment we only had 2% of people were Christians. And my mom disowned me because I, I, I became a Christian. But so therefore, uh, I literally when I moved to America, I had a culture shock
when you come to that, like, uh, how I do I say that, I guess it’s the podcast, my podcast, so I just gonna say it directly then, um, a little bit more passive sometimes. Uh, when we just, that let’s say sounds Sunday church goers. So sometimes just Sunday, it cannot separate between
Monday to Saturday. Right. Um, when I remember up to today
I the experience like when, um, I was leading a women ministry, um, a group and then, um, it happened, uh, one of the ladies, we went grocery shopping and I was
standing in front of the aisle of the, to how you said it, the breakfast aisle and a lot of
different cereals and kind of things. And I was standing in front of
that and I was just mumbling, my mouse, what I was mumbles was “God, which one?” You know, I couldn’t make a decision. So I say kinda came to me naturally. I just asked God which one? And she heard it and she said you even ask God about
which cereal you buy? and uh, I kind of before she asked, so for me is nature thing. Now she asked, it made me feel like, oh, so you don’t do that. This isn’t normal. This isn’t how we live life. No, and so when later on I mean I got saved
when I was in the corporate career. So all through the marketing project
everything and later on I would become an entrepreneur. I am known by my clients say: Kelly is going to have business
meeting with Jesus today. Yes. I mean that they literally can see my
Instagram post today is Jesus’ business today. And the thing is if you truly like ask God as our savior, then he should be in your business. That’s right. Right. Yeah. I love you also mentioned
in your book about intimacy, it’s everything. Yes. That’s talk about that. Yeah. I mean, because that’s the foundation, because this is, and this is, this is what I’ve learned is
because without intimacy with God, I mean relation like relationship, not just, hey, I talk this way to God, you know, hey, you know, I speak this way, but no, but just like fellowship abiding in Jesus, like real relationship
without having that, it’s very difficult to live a life of, you know, people are always talking about, you know, it’s important to be obedient to the
word of the Lord and it’s important to be obedient to God’s ways and God
gives him an unusual instruction. You know, it’s important to do that, man, let me tell you, it is hard to trust God
without intimacy is very hard. You can have a religious kind of like, okay, well I know God’s in charge and you know, and it’d be like I, you know, I reverence God as, as you know, the one who’s got it all together, right? You might have that, but as far as your personal
walk and your ability, to just walk into the things that are
on his heart concerning you with your business, to do just like crazy stuff that is
not an anybody’s anybody’s textbook. No one would tell you to do it that way. Doesn’t make sense. It’s very hard to follow him if you
don’t have intimacy for one without intimacy, it’s hard to know that you even hear him. Yeah. Right. So there’s always, there’s that part, right? I mean, you talk about how do you get to notice? I’m like, it takes time. Intimacy takes time, time together. You know that whole thing. Right? And so without that, and without having that time with him, that helps you even understand who
you are in him and how he sees you. If you don’t have all of those things, it’s so hard to trust. Forget radical obedience. It’s hard just to be regular, obedient. You know where this forget radical
obedience and stuff that just doesn’t make any sense in your logical, it’s hard because we, it’s almost like, I mean if you can be like, I we, there’s so many times where it’s like
we’re just trying to do things in our own strength and make sense
of we do it if we can, if we can figure it out or we
just so independent minded. Right. But that’s not the life
that he’s called us to. And so without that intimacy, the other stuff just falls apart. And that’s actually why I started the
book talking about about right after the heart of a kingdom driven entrepreneur. I go right into intimacy, right? Cause without intimacy, everything else that’s
talked about in a book, fails! You might start along a path and be
okay for a little bit or you might go so far, but it will not, you will not thrive. You will not thrive and
relationship with him. You will not thrive in business with
him if you don’t focus in on that part. Right. It’s is, it is absolutely vital to everything. I know because I’ve lived it and I’ve
known because I’ve seen others limit and I’ve mentored many people in the process
of it who have seen the other stuff fall apart because that
foundation isn’t there. Yes. And, uh, um, I think a lot of people, uh, especially when comes to business wise, right? People often ask: so how do you know that’s God’s, that’s the God’s idea? Or, uh, how do we know it is okay to do so? Right? And it just like when
we think about intimacy, just that even just your best friend, right? How did you get to know your best friend? Well, obviously you spend time, you, uh, uh, sow into efforts and loving care and
sometime maybe some heartbreak as well. You know, all those things. And, and I think sometime we forget about that. And, uh, we treat God like ATM machine. Yes. When we have something and then
we’ll go to him to ask for, and then what we don’t need something, then we kind of forget about him. That’s right. And so let’s talk about then the
definition of success in the kingdom. Uh, compare with the success
outside the kingdom. Yeah. So success outside of the kingdom, I mean everyone would
define that different ways, but a lot of times the success would be, okay, well, you know, these particular goals that were met. So how did you do financial aid? Did you meet your seven figures? I, everyone’s wants a seven figure business. I know, you know the thing, you know what it’s like. And so sometimes it’s like what
people would define it by that, okay, well did I reach this mark
of this particular income? Right? Did I reached this particular profit? Or there might be something else that
they have on their mind that success did I reached this level of
prominence or what have you. Right, right. All kinds of things around success. The problem with those ideas of success, um, outside of whether they may, they may or may not be aligned
with what God has for you, then that’s a whole nother issue. But the other problem with it is that you
don’t see success until you reach this mountain top, right? So this whole time that you’re
working towards whatever it is, that’s not success until you reach
this destination called success. But in the kingdom, it’s like really what
is God put before us. Radical faith and radical obedience, right? If we have faith and we
have obedience then we are, we are already walking out that success. We are already success walking. It is success on its way somewhere. Right? But it’s, but as long as you have it, it’s like if you’ve got faith
and I say radical faith, you’ve got radical faith, that’s another discussion and you’ve got radical obedience then you
already are successful. And the kingdom, you’re already a success. Whether the outside of you know, whether it looks like its
success to anybody else or
whether it has the fruit of what you expect the fruit of
success to look like or not yet, it’s irrelevant. It’s irrelevant. You’re already success with things are
going to manifest as you’re seeking the kingdom first, you’re seeking the Kingdom of
God and his righteousness first. All these things are added, right? And so, but you are success walking. Yeah. You know, uh, I do want to make a clear note to
those of you are listening or watching. We are not both of us. We are not, uh, against at all, you know, the profit generating. Uh, uh, no, no. Right? Yes. Otherwise you can not
sustain your business. Then you are out of your calling
of your business mountain. Right? I want to make this clear now because
of when we had talked about this, we are not the same way that you think
that we are to maybe some churches on false teaching about that kind of things. Okay. That’s a totally another and I will look forward to when I look
forward to the day that we don’t have to make that disclaimer right. When we don’t have to make that disclaimer
in this space where there’s a lot of people that are not certain things, but no, make no mistake. You’re, you’re a business owner and
businesses generate profits. They make revenues to generate profits, otherwise they don’t exist anymore. I mean, this is just, this is the way it is. Yeah. It’s interesting. Yeah. It’s interesting. Like a seven mountains, right? So each your mountain and have
his own calling an outcome. So if you are in religion mountain. Okay. You are called to be the Levites, right? So you better steward well you, you though the flock of the
sheep like God asked you to, to steward in that! And by then in the government mountain, you know, you better lead the God’s
way and impact nations, all those stuff. But then do you see each mountain
we are expected to produce results. Yes. And in business the
result it’s your revenue, it is your team. It’s your people, you know, it’s your clients and all those things. So, so I do, I’ll make this super, super clear about the success. The thing is the other day I literary
make a chart kind of just imagine that the, a simple table and Left and Right columns, right? So one columns is like a, um, mmm, uh, God’s way do business and the other side
is like the world’s way do business, right? So, so, um, yeah, I will release it, release that chart very soon, but basically if one side I almost, I right away kind of brainstorm
down like I called it, one side I got goal, pure goal driven, either that’s number oftentime and the
other side- The first is people driven because I always say that our success
and destiny is not in the WHAT, but it’s in the WHO. Yeah, it’s in the WHO because it’s in the who
but when you and God’s relationship and that is in the WHO between you and
the tribe that you should be serving. That’s right. Right. So now then, since we’re in this topic-Shae, we can talk about rethink
about the stewardship. This is a huge, right. The stewardship is huge! And I thought I was the only strange
gal out there to tell my people- say stewardship is huge! I know it’s not sexy. It’s not hot. It’s a really boring and disciplined. We fail already in the garden of Eden right there. That is true. We failed right there so
we can not fail again. Yes, yes. That’s so true. That’s so true. So the thing around
rethinking stewardship. Stewardship is like, it’s really, it’s a super important topic, right? And when you think about the
conversation around stewardship, which maybe isn’t had enough, but when you think about your typical
conversation of stewardship and it’s typically surrounding, uh, kind of the management of
things that you already have, like things that are
already in your possession, things that you have access to already, kind of stewarding those things. A lot of times the conversation
is around finances specifically, but sometimes the conversations might
be stewarding your relationships or you know, or stewarding, you know, various things. But it’s things that are already seeing
things that you are already currently managing. When I’m talking about
rethinking stewardship, and that’s an important, that’s an important discussion. But for a kingdom entrepreneur, when I talk about rethinking stewardship, it is not only about thinking about
stewarding the things that you see, but it’s also about how do you steward
the things that you do not see, right? That’s a conversation about
rethinking stewardship. And that’s a walk that God took me on. It’s like, because I mean if you’re truly going
to be a kingdom driven entrepreneur and that that means there’s gonna be a
lot of things that are uncomfortable. There’s all this is serious faith walk
and there’s certain things that God desires to see happen, but if you don’t see it, you can’t see it, then you’re scared or you don’t want to
walk in it or whatever and then you get scared. But we have to be able to steward the
things that we can’t see just as much as we steward the things that we can see. So that whole chapter talks about all
the lessons God took me through some of them financial related to finances that
I did not see or there’s resources that I did not see, right? That word that was spoken
that I can’t see it yet, but it’s already been spoken, right? How, how, how are we, we steward those things. What does that look like? How do you do that intentionally
so that you can see those things. If you can’t steward the
things you don’t see, then you’re never going to see them. So you have to be able to steward what
you cannot see just as much as you need to steward those things that are already, you know, in your, in your hands. Right. Which is our typical
stewardship conversation. I told you we walk in spirit. I told you! Because in the coming the
“Power of ONE Framework”, that program, you know, the first very first thing that I asked
my beta testers to do is- I asked them to clean out the 3 different spaces. One, it’s about their digital space. Okay. One is their physical space and the
third one is their mental space. Yes. And then that along and
then we linked to the time, the time stewardship and also, uh, the energy level’s stewardship. Yes. Yes. So those things, is like not very tangible, not the tangible. Right, exactly. Exactly. Not the tangible things. Yeah. So then so many of them say
from the beginning is that, oh really, you want me to clean my office or really, you want me to clean out my
Dropbox folder or G suite? I said yes. The interesting thing
is the moment they did, things open up, they started to see the things they
didn’t see before and already there, right? So I’m super excited about the book now. I love the next chapter you
talk about “permission granted”, permission to dream, right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s, it’s so important because sometimes what
happens is sometimes what happens to a kingdom entrepreneur is
that they get rightfully so, they get to a point where
they’re positioned their
heart to I want to do those things that God’s kind
of leading me to do. And so I want to be Holy
Spirit led and everything, right? But and I want to be faithful
and I want to be obedient. All this, and that’s absolutely critical. It’s critical. That’s absolutely part of it. What sometimes what happens is that you
get to a point of stagnation and you’re stuck. And why are you stuck? Because you were waiting for
instructions that are not going to come. Why? Because God actually gives us
permission to dream with him. And so when you have intimacy
with him and you’re already, you’re already walking light with them, you’re already doing business with him. It’s like he like, he moves, you move, you’re flowing, right? You’re abiding in him, right? It doesn’t mean that you’re going
to operate off of like a robot. He didn’t call you to be like a servant. He called you to be a friend, right? A son and a daughter. And so there’s things that he does, he delights and our ability to dream, but you’re dreaming with him, right? And so sometimes people get stuck
because they get stuck in the, and I know I don’t say anything that I
haven’t walked through everything that I say, everything that I have said and everything
I will continue to say is because I had to walk that walk, right? And, and you get to this
point and the thing is, it’s really fun when God, when you, when you realize and that you can
hear God’s voice and he’s giving you instructions, you’re like, Ooh, I like this. I like this rhythm. I like this. I like to see the fruit of
what happens when I follow God, right? But, but it’s like training. He’s training you to hear him, to walk with him, to flow with him, all of those things, right? But when you already have his heart, you know, Psalm 37 four it’s like delight yourself
in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. You will give you like the very secret
petitioners of your heart and one of the translations of the word. Like it’s, it’s like, it’s like he puts it upon you. It’s like he’s replacing it on you. So then when you get to a point where
your like your heart and his heart are on the same page, right? Like the things that you dream
where the things he drinks for you, you have to realize like
you have permission to dream
and what you are dreaming are his thoughts, you know, concerning. So then so sometimes people get stuck
because they’re sitting around waiting for something that’s not coming. You already have as heart. You’ve already walked this thing yet, you already just go dream and go and
feel free because he will course correct you. He will, you know, he’ll still course correct you. He’ll still get you on
the right path and he’ll, you know, he’ll still give you new ideas that
you hadn’t thought of and all of those things. But you’re not stuck. You’re not stuck sitting and waiting
for instructions all the time. But there is a season when you need to
wait for some instructions before you, so we have permission to dream. It has already been granted. Yeah. It’s like for this I really
can say about two points. One, it’s a, a lot of time that I literally just told
my people I think yesterday at one of the mastermind groups, uh, I say, listen-, you are waiting on God, God is waiting on you. Um, I share with them that one, uh, physical exercise and within that
leadership training with John Maxwell; and what he did cause I was in the first
batch is so he still have luxury do that with us then. Uh, we were instructed, we in a ballroom and
was empty the ballroom. And we have like a, there’s a 10 leaders standing against a
wall and the other ten against another wall. So he asked, I need a volunteer., and so nobody dared to raise
our hand cause you know, cause I don’t know what I’m signing up for, but some brave soul raise up his hand. And so he said, okay, so only thing I want you to do is walk
from this side to that side of the room. And he said that’s it? John said, Yeah, that’s it. So he walked. And now he asked, I need a second volunteer. So now we have more people dare to raise
hands and then he gave that person the same instruction. I want you to walk from this side of
the room to that side of the room, but with one difference is you cannot
work the way the same way the first one did. Okay. So he asked us third time, now everybody raised our hands as kind
of figuring out how this game play okay, I don’t want to be the
last one in the room. Right. So now 20 people, I learned that, I played with about 50 leaders. I went to corporation training, I helped them to train their leaders. I played with 50 people. Nobody walked the same way
from one end to the other. Of course in the end you’ll see
some funny ones like a rolling, like a crawling. But I, I heard my colleague, they did up to 500 leaders still. Nobody will act the same. In a moral of the story is this: we have to abandon the idea of how, right? Because think about if you are, let’s say that’s a, you’re 80 people you, if you are the 79 you actually have no idea why the 78
persons ahead of you what they gonna do! You have God given gifts. You will be able just that
moment that like a one, two second. You will somehow cause you have to go, you know, choices. So you will go and you’ll find
out the way just on the way, you know, and that’s a part of
the entrepreneur thing. That’s right. It’s like he’s not giving
you a full blueprint. Like, here’s the steps, one through 500. If you’re, it’s like, uh, it’s, it comes to clarity comes as you move. Yeah. Sometimes I wish he does. So I listen. I wish sometimes, sometimes like, and, and, and just, and just the graciousness of God. Like there’s times where you
might get like this full picture, but it’s still only a full picture of the
subset of something else that’s bigger than that. Right. You were getting though, oh, pictures. Some people will be like, oh, I got gave me this vision and I saw this, this, this. I’m like, yeah, that’s wonderful that
he gave you all of that. Now you go do all of that and know that
that’s still a smaller part of something else that he’s got. Right. But, but, you know, praise guy, when he gives us that, you know, whole formulas. I just can now sense in my spirit, I see God has a big grin and he is doing this for
those who are listening, you’re basically doing just so he just
kind of holds his chin and he just looked down, and look at these two crazy
daughters talking about, uh, things that sometimes you wish you had the blueprint. Sometimes we wish it just, Oh, don’t tell us the next. Right. Because I don’t want to know any more, so don’t, don’t, don’t give me any more because
I’m going to get scared. I don’t, you know, I don’t want to do that. Don’t, that was certainly my journey
with kingdom driven entrepreneur. You know, six years ago, Gosh, if he had given me a whole bunch of stuff, I wouldn’t have known. I remember like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I’m going to do that. Yeah. So that’s, that’s why I say Holy Spirit
sometimes is very sneaky. Yes. He knows Jehovah’s Sneaky. Okay. I gonna announce, this is the best Christian
CEO Podcast episode ever! Because we totally ruined
the whole structure of the podcast. I love it. I love it. That’s fun. Yeah, that’s fun. You see, you see how she just said she
loves it she ruined my podcast. She is happy. Um, okay guys. Well you did say it’s like your favorite. So yeah, it’s my favorite. Yeah. So guys, actually I just want to
take this opportunity to
say this is actually my goal 2019 for this podcast. You know, it’s about time that we have first
of all the kingdom is a super fun, just so you know, it’d be totally fun. Have you figured out yet? Yeah. Um, number two always surprise. We always have surprise. The thing is we know we don’t always
know a surprise from the Lord. Right, right, right. Uh, number three that if you truly think
you are called to be an entrepreneur or let’s say you finally made a decision. You want to be a Christian
CEO or Kingdom entrepreneur. You need to buy her book. Okay? It’s Mandatory:) Okay. It is my, it is that it’s something that’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t
hear you say it again. No, I say I did not drinking wine. I drink tea. People probably think I am drunk. Shae, what did you, what did you say? Sorry, I just wanted to say that it is, it is absolutely my prayer that it is
a book that is a resource that’s gone over, like over and over again. That has been the testimony
of the grace over grind book. We just like, people are like, no, I read it over and over again, over and over again. And I go back and I reread it. And that’s, and that’s really my, my prayer with this one as well
because every time you read it, I have books that I do
that with where I go, go back and I reread it. Every time I read it, I get something new. God shows me something else based on
where I am at that moment right then and what I need it. So that’s my prayer. Awesome. And uh, the thing, it’s a a key, all kidding aside, I really, really want to use this opportunity to
call out all of you out there watching this video and listen to these podcasts. You know, even the youtube channel. But even now it’s so tough to build our
Christian based Christian business based youtube channel. You know why? Because of y’all, you are not searching Christian, uh, entrepreneur according to whatever. I mean I try every single tool. I asked all experts and
that just tell me one thing. It wasn’t ready. The season wasn’t here, but I feel that you are hearing my voice
or watching these two crazy women right here in this screen. You have the obligation to share this, share this book with others and it’s
about time we have to Unite together. It’s been too much the division, separation, pain in all other mountains at the moment
and kingdom we gonna unite together. Yes, body of Christ. We’ve got to get united together. Okay. Shae, where can we get the book and
where can we get the book? Yeah, absolutely. So if you go to kingdom
driven entrepreneur.com
click right there on books. You’re going to see all of our books
and that one will be right there on the top, but it’s also, you can also go directly to
Amazon and get it as well, but available in paperback and
kindle and audio version as well. Awesome. Okay. So we surely put that in the
show notes and then Shae, I cannot thank you enough
for coming on the show. Uh, well, can you tell we have a good time. Oh yeah. This was, this was fun. We were just hanging out to listen to our fun conversation, but, okay. Thank you so much, Shae. Thanks Kelly.

https://christianpreneurmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/hqdefault-23.jpghttps://christianpreneurmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/hqdefault-23-150x150.jpgEditorial CuratorFeaturebest christian business podcasts,business success,christian business,christian business motivation,christian business success,christian mindset coach,christian podcasts,christian teaching,christian women,christian youtubers,christians in business,kingdom of heaven,kingdom principles,prosperity principlesHello Shae, welcome. I almost want to say welcome back, but actually welcome to the Christian CEO podcast. Thank you so much Kelly. I'm really happy to be here. So thanks for inviting me. Okay guys, just you know, I mean we already actually 20 minutes without hit the recording, so...Doing business God's way