Today in our Christian business
principles, serious,
we gonna talk about hope marketing versus faith marketing.
What is the difference? And which one you should operate with to
pursue your marketplace success- is all coming up for you in this episode.
It’s all about empowering you to become that Christian CEO that God has called
you. As Christians.
I’m pretty sure you are quite familiar with the book of Hebrews Chapter Eleven.
You know the Hall Of the Fame for our faith heroes and the verse says,
now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance of we do not see.
Now from verse 3 to verse 31, we could see there’s a pattern.
It all started by faith. Then the actions follow the action those
heroes took, right?
The key word is action. You know,
more precisely. We are talking about bold,
and probably scary actions, you know,
from Moses and red sea departing to Joshua’s seven days of Jericho Wall. Don’t you think after Moses got that
command from the Lord to lead the tribe of milions literally to walk towards to
the Red Sea. Um,
before they have to even took the first step,
they probably have to do some logistic planning,
right? Or for Joshua to walk the Jericho walls
for seven days, he probably had to arrange a little bit
food and the scheduling and all that kind of things.
In short, after our faith heroes got a command
from the Lord. They don’t just sit there,
do nothing or uh, took the steps that without stewarding
what they have in hand, you know.
However, here’s the thing,
I have seen so many Christian entrepreneurs are using the hope
marketing in their business and wondering why that it doesn’t work for
them. And even worse,
that resenting about what others are successful maybe with less experience
they have or with the level of faith they have. Let’s say the level of hope they have.
I often say entrepreneurship is an inner game,
one of the best personal development we could have because it requires three
things. One,
you got to be brutally honest with yourself.
We get to know what we are really good at,
and what we are pretty lousy at. You know,
and we need to take appropriate actions towards to it.
The deeper self awareness we are willing to accept,
the faster we will grow. Number two,
you got to embrace the uncomfortable change.
You know, to shout from the mountaintops and say
that, hey,
I’m going to promised land, it’s easy,
but just like Moses, what got him there,
won’t get him to the promised land because he wasn’t willing to speak to
the rock. In the end,
he still struck the rock that was his comfort zone.
Sound familiar? If you want a different result for 2019,
you need to do some change. The change the way you think,
the way you do things, and you have to do this for a period of
time till the new uncomfortable way become the new normal for you and it
requires the combination efforts and accountability.
Number three, forget about the DIY.
Do it Yourself. I don’t mean projects.
I mean in this journey. Think about it.
Even Jesus have inner circle of 12 disciples to accomplish what he wanted
on earth and before HIS the resurrection and beyond,
right? So what do you think we can do
differently? You need to be in a community which can
steer you to the right direction and also with a common goal and similar
level of growth that you’re looking for. Iron sharpening Iron is true,
is also a protection for you to against the tricky game that devil plays so well
and so often on us. You know what that is?
Isolation. When you fall,
which you will, the community will be able to pick you
up and when you got stuck, which you will too.
I’m sorry, just be honest.
Then the community will be able to provide you the different perspectives
so you can stop the wasting time and energy and resources just kind of stuck
in the same mountain around and around. Hope is not a marketing strategy.
After you receive what God asked you to do,
remember our faith heroes? You need to exercise a calculative risk
assessment. You still need to do those fundamental
pieces. For example,
in the online marketing world that you have to do deep dive of your ideal
client profile, pipeline building,
lead generation, sales conversion,
etc. You can’t adjust the skip all those.
You got the instruction from the Lord and you just sit there and hope that you
will make sales or revenue from the thin air right?
Walk By faith in your business is after you
do the great stewardship process. You know you will be stretched to the
new level of growth and you need to take new and uncomfortable actions in order
to get those fundamental pieces in place or you need to build up upon why you
already have in order to scale up. Then you got to take actions by faith
diligently and obediently. If so,
you will find that exceptional growth in the process because now your mindset
shifts to a totally new level, one step closer to become that Christian
CEO that God has asked you to become, and It’s precisely what I’m doing here
in this channel to equip you to become so.
Now I’ve got a pre warned you though, in my last 10 years of coaching and
consulting business, what I’ve seen is this,
for those clients who have sustainable growth,
are the ones that willing to go deep to stay uncomfortable actions and changed the old patterns of doing and thinking
about things. They also exercise a much better
stewardship in their resources and more importantly,
they are not shy away to invest in themselves and in their business.
On the contrary, for those clients who only have a short
burst of success are those who they couldn’t sustain their success because
of they didn’t fundamentally change how they think and how they operate.
It’s a very harsh fact, but there’s no way around it.
And this is why that myself is in a mastermind,
uh, a high end mastermind.
You probably know my business mentor is Chris Ducker and myself -I also host
mastermind group for my clients because it works.
Nobody can be in this journey alone and be sustainable at all.
So how about you? Where are you now?
Are you in a crossroad for the next level of growth or you just get started?
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you back for you to move forward, or for the next level of growth?
Because that was this community for. Who knows that your one question might
actually helps a lot of people who watch this video;
and other people’s answers or my reply maybe just get you unstuck.
So please share with u in the below comment.
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