hey guys Rev Run Eli here from Christ I’m coaching calm and have you ever wondered what does it mean what does it look like to have God as CEO is this a real thing or visit legalism Rousset just a churchy she’s kind of phrase that Christians like to say well in this video I’m going to show you what that looks like and explain this concept to stay tuned you’re back you’re new to my channel my name is Ronnie lock with Christ and coaching calm and I help Christian entrepreneurs grow or start their business with digital marketing so what does it mean to have got us you basically means that God is your source he is the owner he is in charge he is really the one who owns the business and you are his manager are his steward over the resources the people the assets the money everything that’s part of that business you’re the manager for and God is directing your steps as CEO the other part of this idea that God is CEO and the owner of your business is the concept of all things belong to God even in this is John in the New Testament and the Old Testament first Corinthians 10 26 s for the earth is the Lord’s and all it contains Deuteronomy 10:14 you hold to the Lord your God belong heaven in the highest heavens the earth and all that is in it Psalm 89 11 says the heavens are yours the earth is also yours in the world and all it contains you have founded them I’m looking at lists at over 24 different verses about all things belong to God so if all things belong to God that includes my business and of course me Bible tells us that I was bought with a price that you were bought with the price it’s amazing but our business is God’s too so if it belongs to him I’m gonna go to him for direction and ask how should i steward this how should i how should I go about how should I work how should i move forward the other important concept to keep in mind with God as CEO is you are manager you have to be in a position of stewardship in a position of dependence on God dependence on your CEO for what you should do what your the direction that you’re gone we often want to have the roadmap and say hey what’s it gonna look like you know all the way out front there I wanna know the steps to get there and as christ-centered entrepreneurs the gada CEO a lot of times he only gives you one step at a time and it’s your job to take that step of faith and trust him and he asked him for this Frank say Lord I want to be a great steward you helped me to do that and by practicing biblical principles in your business it’s a way to be a christ-centered entrepreneur and keep God as CEO the most important thing with this concept is that I believe it’s that daily time with the Lord going to him for direction not only as as as like the CEO of your business but simply because of who he is because he’s he’s God right so guys I hope this video kind of explained what is the idea of God as CEO and if you want to learn more about this topic I encourage you to pick up the book of God is CEO by Larry Julien another one that I actually haven’t read yet but I have right here is Jesus CEO so I haven’t read this one yet but along the same topic there as well guys I’m Ronnie Locke from Christ our coaching com empowering you to prosper go ahead and click the subscribe button to catch more of these videos and hit the little bell to make sure you get notifications as well thanks again I’ll see you on the next video [Music]

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