hi ladies happy Friday I can’t believe we’re on manna-fest points nine and ten that’s crazy I’m really excited to jump into it today again if this is your first time joining us my name is Amanda I’m the voice behind with the mountains and did you see business plan I apologize I’m pretty sniffily I’m doing a sommelier issues so but Mike I sorry I’m gonna try to avoid the Hat I also might use Leslie um I take okay that’s what my boys doing so you know I do it too anyways so um we’re gonna jump right in our manifesto points today are nine which is we wholeheartedly pursue Christ first knowing that he is the prize not the status success praise or claim and then 4.10 is we understand that we have been given talents by God and it’s our job to use them for his glory and not our own so make sure you grab a notebook and a pen or a pencil because I think if you’re here that has something to share with you um and there are some really good verses the bat I would like you to write down I’m to read over this week because it is so good um so get a pen and a pencil or pen or pencil and paper and then at the end of this video I am gonna talk about a spiritual gifts test that I would love for you all to take of and discuss because I just love talking about the different gifts that God has just given us that’s just the way he made us um and so it’s a super fun free test that uh I have only for you guys to share with with you okay so I’m gonna pray and we’ll get started we’ll jump right in alright dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for this lovely group of ladies thank you that they want to learn how to serve you in their businesses and start their businesses right and just invest in your kingdom and just shy and like lights for you father God and I just pray that today these words would just be a soothing SAP to their heart Yod give them some practical advice about how to serve you through their businesses and just with their life I just thank you so much for being here with us and Jesus name we pray amen all right hello welcome say hi you’re here life um I love having people live sometimes it’s most people cancel in life I totally understand a lot of you guys are parents or have like 9 to 5 jobs so then everybody can be here on a Friday morning and then again of course we have so many international ladies in here um it might not be Friday morning for you but I’m like so anyways um we’re gonna jump right in to manifest 0.9 and this was actually really challenging for me to write and today because I recently realized that I’m not wholeheartedly pursuing Christ I was pursuing a dream he had given me it is hard because I’ve been here before and I didn’t think I would you know stop I didn’t think I’d be here again and I didn’t really know I was here because there was never like a conscious choice where I said you know what I’m gonna pursue this dream over God or this goal over God and like I never made that choice it kind of just slipped in and sometimes sin can be really subversive like that and that’s one of the reason the Bible tells us again and again to be watchful to be sober-minded you know not just what’s going on around us but what’s going on inside of us and so today was just it’s kinda it’s just a hard chair but our point manifesto point 9 is we wholeheartedly pursue Christ first knowing that he is the prize not the status not the success praise or acclaim so allow me to clarify this idea of pursuing Christ rather than the dream because it can be a very fine line where you’re doing the exact same things you were doing when you were pursuing God there’s just been this change your heart you could be doing the exact same things but there’s this internal change and obviously if you let it go on for long enough that change will begin to change a lot of different things and you like but initially you might be doing the exact same things nobody can tell but God in you okay and so if we consider the question I asked everybody at the very beginning of this Bible study I think it’s in session one is are you willing to give up the dream if God asks you to your business drink you know specifically are you willing to do that and you know it’s very much like that Isaac and Jacob moment were um no I’m like Abraham and I Abraham and Isaac Abraham and Isaac um where God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son um so it’s it’s a hard moment and you have to ask yourself that am I willing to give up this dream or this goal and if there’s a tug on your heart where you’re like hmm I’m not ready to give I’m not I don’t think I’m willing to do that then that’s just something to be explored through in prayer because it could be something super simple like I just need to make a verbal declaration to God and say I choose you God over this dream or this this business or this skull or it could be something a little bit more deeply rooted and it might send you into a season of being on choppy seas um and put you in this awkward place like in the stopper place I’m in right now so for me the dream wasn’t related to business it was like a personal goal and when God asked me to give it up I was really unwilling absolutely unwilling to give it up and still pursue a relationship with him and I realized that I had been chasing after the blessings and the promises rather than the promise er himself because when I was just left with the promise er only instead of what I thought I was promised I didn’t want what I had been offered but you’re not gonna give me what I thought you told me you’re gonna get me then I don’t want any of it I don’t want you our relationship with you um and so that was like really hard and put me in an awkward season where I’m like I’m tired of being a breath and I kind of have to wallow in my misery right now um well I heard figures itself out and I’m trying to be okay in that space but it’s hard to be okay in that space so I mean cuz you don’t want to stay there but you also like you want to give yourself time to process so anyways the easiest way to tell if you’ve begun pursuing the dream rather than Christ or pursuing the promises rather than the promise er is to ask yourself the question am I willing to sacrifice this dream or goal completely and if you can honestly say yes without your heart holding on to that dream a little bit or that goal a little bit then you’re likely pursuing God over the dream or the goal um but if there’s a tub you know is something to be explored through and prayer could be super simple it might be something more deeply rooted where you have to figure yourself out um and when I sit back and I think well obviously like you need to like give up your goal and pursue God like that’s not me stupid Amanda like honestly like what’s more what’s better you know it’s it’s hard to be in that moment where like I know the right choice that I only want to make the right choice so um and I really know verses like John 17:3 would say which says this is eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom use it that is better than any dream or goal we can make up for ourselves because knowing them is eternal life so what’s better than that well there’s nothing better than that get your head straight on but then you’re like in this awkward position anyways so when I read today’s manifesto point I was like that’s a good point so you know feel free to comment um if you’re in the similar season or you’ve been in that season I actually shared this on my business Instagram that moves mountains earlier this week I think on Monday and you know so many other women are saying yes I’m there right now God put me on a timeout you know I’ve been there I totally understand what you mean what you’re going through so if you’re going through something like that or you have you’re not alone we’re in good company there’s a lot of people in our boat and still want stay in this boat anyways so I just wanted to personally share kind of what I was going through to help illustrate that and you know I’m not perfect you guys I have bratty moments where I act entitled yeah it’s I’m working on it so I’m going on to moving on to manifesto point 10 um says we understand that we have been given talents by God and it’s our job to use them for his glory and not our own and I was really excited to talk about this one in particular because a few videos ago I talked about how it’s harder to believe what the Bible says about you and it’s harder it can be harder to believe that God can use you um and it seems like a some people might label it as proud like oh how dare you that you think that God can use you to build a business or build administrator do that who do you think you are well I believe I’m a daughter of God and I’m called to do whatever he tells me to do and if he tells me to start a business then I believe I could do that because that’s what he’s calling me to do and it’s harder to believe God for that rather than um say hands off oh I’m nothing God can never use me on just this humble little person that’s not humility that’s what that is is not trusting God’s ability to work for you and in you and for you so I’m that’s I’m excited to talk about that again so we’ve got some really good scriptures and they’re kind of lengthier scriptures so I’m not gonna read them all um but I highly suggest you read these on your own time so I have them list it in the description but you can go ahead and also write them down so they are Matthew 25:14 331st Peter for 10 through 11 first Corinthians 12 4 through 7 I’m Romans 12 3 through 8 now when I want to highlight right now is Matthew 25:14 3:30 which is the parable of the talents I read this a lot and back when I was like a baby Christian I didn’t really understand what was talking about and it’s it’s a really cool parable I love this parable so basically a wealthy man has to go on our journey and he trusts his money which is called talents it’s like an amount of money to three of three different servants and it says in the word according to each abilities and so God knows like this person can handle more if the wealthy man knows this guy can handle this much this guy should be able to handle as much and this guy should be able to handle this much you know just like wisdom and knowing his service so he gives them each a different amount and he expects them to invest this money while he’s gone so when the wealthy man comes back he returns he finds that two of his servants have doubled what he gave them and then one of them buried it in the ground and gives back his gifts back what the master had given him with the wealthy man had given him and the wealthy man calls his sermon who buried the money wicked lazy and worthless like when I read that I was hot I thought that person was being kind of smart you know like investing can be risky but why is he wicked and lazy he he did something like he didn’t lose it you know I mean so this is really what Jesus is talking about is this wealthy man is Jesus and Jesus is giving us each individual gifts according to our abilities and he’s going away right right now he’s seated on the right hand of the throne he’s gonna come back but right now he’s away and he’s given us these yes and these talent and so what are we going to do with the talents that he’s given us so think about instead of the talents being money but actual gifts and so God has given you yes it is your job to invest them then best in your gifts develop them and pour into other people now if you take your gift and you hide it like under a rock let’s say you have this beautiful singing voice and you don’t use it to glorify God and Jesus comes back and he’s like what did you do with the beautiful ones that I gave you I mean you said I did nothing I didn’t see a single song I didn’t tell anybody I could sing he’s going to call you wicked lazy and worthless that’s really hard to hear like we can see it clearly in the word if you bury your talent and come jeepney on the wealthy man Jesus comes back he’s gonna call you wicked lazy and worthless and that’s not something God wants to call you that’s not something he declares over you but when he gives you a gift it’s your choice what you do with that gift and so that’s where we’re colabor with co-laborers with God we work with him it’s not I’m amazing and I have this beautiful voice and I should be onstage and you know it’s not that it’s using that gift I’m investing in it because it’s something that God’s given me and using it to bless other people and so when you go through and you read these verses you’ll see that it obviously says the word obviously says every Christians been given a gift or gifts you know and what you used to skiff for is glorify God and building up the body of Christ okay and so I don’t know about you but I don’t want to take the gift that I’ve been given and not develop them and not use them to bless the body of Christ from the bless others like I Wendy doesn’t comes back or like you know I die and I go to heaven I don’t want him to say those things about me I want him to say what I’m good and faithful servant you know so if you’re shaking in your boots a bit realizing what this passage is telling us you have gifts from God whether you feel like it or not and it’s required of you to use them for God’s glory and the body there’s hope it’s not hard it’s not complicated you just don’t want to take these gifts that he’s given you and bury them under a rock and never develop them or share them okay so it’s easy to use your gifts and talents for his glory and to serve one another in the body of Christ now in your business let’s say your business is an overtly Christian or is it a ministry this is really easy you can talk about your faith and God in your about page you know he’s the why behind what you do you know maybe you feel like you’re an inspired jewelry designer you get your inspiration from God now you can talk to him talk about him in your about page without it being preachy and you can even do something like a service for your customers and say hey I would love an opportunity to pray for you and you shared emailing my friend Keri Postma at the Codex planner when you go to her website which is codex planner com where the Codex planner calm it’s one of those um the pop-up isn’t like receive free shipping or 50% off it’s not that it’s how can I pray for you and I think that’s an awesome wonderful service that you can um put up front on your business and she has a Christian business her planner is overtly Christian there’s their scripture all over it there’s devotionals and such but I think that’s a wonderful thing to do to offer to pray for anybody who comes to your website because you can get like thousands of people’s to websites it could be a lot of friend requests and so I think it’s a wonderful thing that she does and I can’t tell you personally how many people and including non-believers have been so thankful that I’m offered to pray for them and I honestly can’t remember a time um when somebody’s responded negatively and usually I try to be pretty proactive you know ask to pray for them I’ll pray for them I know I’ll pray for them in my personal time and then I’ll check up on them and um I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve checked up on somebody and they’re like oh it’s gotten worse oh it’s you know life’s terrible almost I’ve almost always heard thank you so much for praying for me like everything’s gotten better or I feel so much better or just like God has just blessed them and so I would just really encourage you to offer use your gifts to use your gifts for God’s glory and an easy way to do that is through praying for people and it’s if somebody gets mad at you for offering to pray for them they obviously you obviously need to pray for them so just not in front of them that might not go over well another super simple way I’m to use your gifts to support the body of Christ is to volunteer at your church so maybe you enjoy cooking and you’re kind of like a behind-the-scenes person you don’t want to be like out there in front of everybody I’m Yuka volunteer in the kitchen and um make food for different events support the different staff members are our church has a they have a kitchen every Sunday and when we have big events the kitchens pretty heavily involved but you never see those people you know so you could volunteer in the kitchen or maybe you don’t mind being up front and you’re like a china Kathy and so like me I’m on the Welcome team at church it’s super simple like I show up a half an hour early twice a month like it’s really not that much of an investment in type of time but I I get to bless people and hug them and like how are you doing and connect with them so it works really well for my personality um you know maybe I had one more suggestion what was it oh okay maybe you love praying for people like we were just talking about and you can throw in the prayer team I mean depending on the size of your church um and how many outreaches they have there’s probably a lot of opportunities where you could volunteer and use your gifts to edify the body of Christ so I would strongly discourage you trying to take the humble route and say you don’t have any gifts or talents or strengths because that is not correct according to the according to the Word of God when you read these passages God has given each of us a gift and it’s important that we use it to glorify Him and bless our church blush our community so some of us are in the boat of not knowing what our guests are and what our strengths are what our talents are like the good things about our personality that are innate in us and so I have fun activity like I said before there is a free spiritual gifts test for you guys to take and I’ve taken it several times um and I just like I know my gifts you know fairly well and so I just still love taking the tests anyways it’s super fun who doesn’t mind taking tests like it’s good you know great outcome like you’ll have five different it’ll label five different strengths areas where your spiritual gifts are and so um the link is here but I also am posting something in a few minutes with a link it’ll be a picture with flowers and it says what are your spiritual gifts so the link is there I’d love for you to comment on that photo share your top five results mine are administration discernment excitation prophecy and faith I mean it’s pretty much like whenever I take a test those are teaching is usually sometimes in there um a couple different things so but in administration and prophecy are always there so um anyways it’s I just love taking tests I love discussing what gifts God has given us so I would love to hear what you guys say and some insights you know maybe you take the test and you look up what these different gifts are because you like exhortation what is that you know it’s just encouraging people um and helping people get excited about the things of God and so you might be able to see oh that’s what exhortation is oh I do that I’ve done that always in this way in this wing this way so I’d love to hear any insights you get about yourself once you take the test so um look for that post I’m super excited to see a discussion happen on them and um alright I think that’s it that’s what I have for you ladies so read those verses I shared and take the test and comment I just I want to care with your guys this big sigh so thank you so much for joining me I’ll see you next week and then I think we have one more week after that we either we had to have one more week or two more weeks I’ll see how we can love those manifesto points together because we have 13 in total uncovered ten today then Roe mustards homestretch thanks for hanging out with me guys love you bye

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