day we are talking about the best faith-based businesses to start online in 2019 and just so you know this is a working list this is not like an end-all be-all list like this list gets updated as I’ve learned new stuff and learned new shortcuts and I’m just gonna keep sharing these with you like these are one of my favorite live streams to do Hey in this Katy spike hey grace hello when other doesn’t say who it is but hello welcome so much thank you so much for joining my name is Jeff Rogers and the founder and CEO of Godwin go creator of the god who goes School of Business and what I do is I create resources that empower women of faith to live their greatest purpose for Christ so if you want to live your purpose if you’re an entrepreneur if that purpose you to be an entrepreneur then my 7:00 p.m. live streams are just for you these are all about sharing faith-based tips resources shortcuts to help you on your purpose journey as an entrepreneur now hey all right so good to see you hey word at the table good to see you guys thank you so much for joining this person if you’re here – thank you so much guys I mean so much to me so yesterday we talked about the best businesses tournament in 2019 as picnics entrepreneur but Instagram to not save the live stream so it got deleted so a lot of you guys were DM and me and saying oh my gosh goodness and I’m so sorry about that I don’t know what happened but Instagram was deleted it so I was like no worries I’m gonna cut back on gonna do it again so tonight we’re talking about the four best businesses to start online as a faith-based entrepreneur now please note these are 100% my opinion based off of just my experience on my own entrepreneurship journey based off of my technical skills and things like that um so which is not much I’m not a big HTML or a code or something like that so there are other businesses that are great ideas to start – this is just my perspective looking at the market looking at how things are going right now on the online market space these are the things that I think if I were starting in 2019 these one of these for business this is what I would want to be doing and one of them I am doing hey lots of love so good to see you oh one Stephen said I love these lines thank you so much since I love you girls so much hey alakina kaylynn good to see you so business number one sis business number one hey che good to see you of the best businesses start in 2019 as a famous entrepreneur is you guessed it digital products so here a godly wood girl I have digital products hey Roxy get to see you girl I have digital products so what that means is if you make a purchase from me then I give you a digital ebook digital online course in digital master class this is a workshop a digital coaching session digital just means that there’s no printed copy of it right and the reason why this is such an exciting business to start in 2019 is because digital products have become an accepted form of information inside of our United States it’s amazing if you remember back in the day ebooks have been around since the 60s right but it wasn’t an accepted way of actually having products online it took a long time for people to be like oh no I want the eBook version over the printed version hey the seller wanted to see you but now people kind of expect digital courses they couldn’t expect online products and when you try to say oh I’m going to ship you the DVD they’re like DVD what I encountered out of my own business hey this other wife so I have something called the gold mastery bootcamp 2.0 and it literally teaches you how to master your own goals so I was putting it on DVD because I wanted for when people who ordered it when they ordered it I wanted to give them access to the online course and also the physical DVD in the mail right and I remember I was doing some market research with my girls and I was like okay it’s so awesome that you got to go back to boot camp would you be interested in having this on the DVD didn’t believe one of the girls was like a.d me what how old are you like what you don’t have a DVD player in your house geumja did did not have a DVD player in her house and I was like okay so maybe people are totally totally bought into the idea is having an online course and not a DVD for those of you guys who are over 30 like me I’m 32 right y’all remember when of course it is courses used to be like books on tape right we get that box of CDs and DVDs in the mail you can put them in one at a time they will come with this chunky workbook that’s how you would learn new information not nowadays nowadays you can do it completely online and here’s what’s great it can be 100% free of charge if you know the right resources you know the right tools you know the right shortcuts you can literally launch your own digital product line for free since freee pretty creepy which means you get to start your own business with no startup cost and that’s what I love I love seeing women of faith there’s a lot of questions a lot of the time the question I get from women who got purpose to be an entrepreneur they say I don’t have the finances to start now I always say to them they’re tooked so many businesses that you can start online in 2019 that doesn’t require any startup money so that’s really just an excuse right a lack of finances is really just an excuse because there are so many resources that you can use right now for free to start a digital based business so that is Facebook’s business idea number one a digital products business if you want to learn how to start your own digital product business using ebooks using online courses using master classes come and join me in the goggle girl school of business where I show you how to do this step by step hey Eileen hey Ilan Denise your moma good to see you since so best business idea to start in 2019 number two hmm you guys probably already know it’s a Christian t-shirt business it’s a Christian c-sharp and this is a course into your business okay here’s what’s so great about having your own Christian t-shirt business okay I get so excited about this there are 41,000 keyword searches per month on Christian t-shirts 41,000 cents per month people are looking for Christian t-shirts there was a massive market out here in these streets for Christian t-shirts right and the great thing about having Christian t-shirts is you don’t even need to sell that money to make a nice site income let’s say that you have your t-shirts you price each of them for 50 bucks and you want to make just let’s say an extra of $500 a month right that means it I’ve just got ten shirts to make that extra income ten shirts oh my gosh and what’s so great about having your own Christian t-shirt business is that it requires zero dollars to start zero dollars to start so again you’re using the resources the Lord has given you because it doesn’t require startup capital there’s something called print on demand t-shirt manufacturers and what that means is that you upload your own art design to the website you sell the shirt the print-on-demand manufacturer prints the shirts ships the shirts carries an inventory everything all you do your only job is to design the shirt sell the shirt that’s it the print-on-demand company takes care of everything else you even need to have a warehouse for fulfillment you don’t need to have screen printing materials you will need to do any of that print on demand companies like printful like teespring like t launch like what’s that other one t thought to prettify there are so many of them online that you can use to print your own t-shirt business on demand it’s an incredible incredible business to get into and again if you want to learn how to do the step by step I teach you how to do this in the Gossip Girl School of Business there’s a young lady who just joined this at 1:00 a.m. this morning actually miss Brittany I love that girl so much she doing at 1:00 a.m. and she’s like okay Christian t-shirt business I was like farther right here get started hey Yolanda she said where do you get the shirts though so the PERT on-demand company actually has the shirts in their inventory they have everything you don’t have to even touch the shirts nothing when you sign up for the brown demand company you just upload your art to the shirt that you like they print it they ship it they handle orders they handle all that all you got to do design it and upload it and then sell it that’s it it’s amazing hey Lonnie darling so good to see you hey Yolanda hey Tracey the seller wife said that’s what my husband is doing Christian t-shirt business yes and you know it’s so funny because I had no idea how popular Christian t-shirts would become because when I started selling my own Christian t-shirts it was back in 2000 I think 2000 10 2011 when I launched my first movie I was telling shirt as a companion my husband’s on here thank you so much for care Fitness she’s such a sweetheart thank you so much I was selling t-shirts as a companion to my film so back then it wasn’t like so many people are searching for my shirts no I was selling it as you bought the movie okay here’s an up so now you can get the shirt now people are diligently seeking out Christian t-shirts like that’s gonna do I spent so much time online looking for faith-based teachers and I can’t find what I want I make it right that’s what you can do for free it cut requires zero dollar startup cost that’s amazing they pray for me hailer Shabbos I wouldn’t get to see you guys thank you so much I’m Tomo girl hey darling good to see you hey she is quiet secure Fitness you are awesome thank you so much for joining you mine said what’s the name of that company again so there are a lot of them teespring t launch printful printe phi this is one called goober or something there’s red bubble there’s a lot of them if you google print on demand t-shirts you’re gonna get a ton of options there’s a lot of them hey mommy she said that’s next yes oh that’s neat that’s neat your mommy said yes they are great right hey Kristin good to see you Linus a tee spring yeah tee spring is one of these which one most popular one a lot of youtubers use tee spring so you know what they say when they’re talking about their marching the like hey if you want to support the movement get the get the get my shirt below or whatever usually it’s a tee spring shirt because it’s zero dollars of inventory you’ll understand lol someone write it ain’t that be like it to see is this we’re talking about best businesses to start online in 2019 so number one with the digital product business number two was a t-shirt business number three again I’m going to just point around this room writing your own books is writing your own book again writing your own book cost zero dollars in 2019 why because back in the day if you wanted to be a self-published author you had to order your own books you literally had to find a printer usually their minimum order was like 5,000 units you have to order 5000 copies of your book keep them in your house and then be selling that thing as much as you can and when you make a sale you ship it to them not anymore now we have print-on-demand bucks how crazy like I can’t believe I’m saying this I’ve been in the game for such a long time and the resources that the Lord has available to us from 2019 is incredible let me tell you if finances are what you think is keeping you from stepping into your purpose as an entrepreneur it’s not finances a non-factor sis it’s literally mindset because whatever business you want to start you can find a way to do it in 2019 there’s resources everywhere cuz now we don’t have to order 5,000 units literally it’s the same thing as a t-shirt you write your book you upload the print files to the print-on-demand website and then when you sell the book guess what the website does they print the book and they ship a directly to your customer some of you guys who have ordered from me may notice now that when I when I should books to you they ship directly from the printer I no longer have to carry all this inventory and then go out to the to the mailbox to the post office and ship them out anymore now these print-on-demand companies are so amazing with great quality that they’ll literally print the book one at a time so when somebody buys from me I go to the company I tell them where to send it I order it over and it goes straight to you it’s an incredible incredible use nice baby you only spend money when you make money on praise the Lord Jesus so having your own book company is an amazing amazing way to start a business in 2019 Kristen’s laughing hey J good to see you oh I am safe – good to see you sis thank you so much so Stacey went and bought like two bucks from God to a girl thank you so much you’re such a sweetheart hey Miko hey Shan Kaye good to see you hey nebula good to see you guys – head wow that’s great right I mean I always want love to say now that the best time to be a Christian entrepreneur now right now a mindset I’ve been ordering a hundred of time well Imani if you’re if you’re if you’re moving product and moving inventory it’s fine right it’s all good but you may want to consider print-on-demand books you may want to consider print-on-demand books the only thing with print-on-demand is because you’re only ordering one at a time the cost is higher so you order in a hundred units at a time prot you’re probably paying less for book than aren’t they that’s probably what’s going on so it could be a good thing just you know wait your options take at get to see you my love good to see you so best businesses to start online in 2019 as a fake-face entrepreneur number one with digital products number two Christian t-shirt business it’s always gonna be one of my favorite businesses ever number three is actually running your own buck and finally the fourth best business to start in 2014 or 2019 one of the best best best types of business models that I’ve seen that requires such little overhead is a drop shipping business now what drop shipping means is that you as the business owner you market a product on your website when somebody or is it on your website you then go straight to the manufacturers website and you order it from them and then ship it directly to the customer so once again you hold no inventory you do no shipping you do no manufacturing what you’re doing is listing the product for sale and then fulfilling it through the manufacturers website so it’s kind of like when you go to CVS to buy eyelashes right and you go in there and you let all these lectures up so cute I can’t wait to put this on gonna be so poppin no CVS didn’t manufacture those lashes and you’re paying six dollars for those lashes even though CVS paid a dollar to get them into the store they’ve marked it up but the cost of you paying for CVS providing you those lashes in that six dollars so CVS makes a five dollar profit you come out of the box six dollars the manufacturer made a dollar from CVS you’re doing the exact same thing except in your business you’re the CVS you are providing amazing products for your audience so if they don’t have to go dig for them themselves and you are actually ordered it straight from the manufacturer right to your customer this is called a drop shipping business and it’s one of the most popular business model that’s taken off ever since Shopify has become so easy to use so Shopify is an online website platform where you can actually sell your products I use Shopify for Godwin girls website a lot of girls ask me what what my website host is I use Shopify I love Shopify they’re incredible super easy and when it becomes so easy to use a lot of people starting to drop shipping business because it’s so easy to do the secret though to have Anna dropship and businesses is to make sure you stand out from everybody else because everybody has access to the same dropshipping products as you do and if everybody’s telling the same lashes then listen it’s gonna it’s gonna come down the price point you’re selling those lashes for six dollars he’s selling them for 550 I’m gonna get it for 550 however if you have a drop shipping business and you provide some sort of bundle I’m gonna give you these eyelashes right for six dollars and for free I’m gonna include a thirty minute tutorial on how to apply lashes says nobody can replace you then because even if you selling lashes for five fifty hand got no tutorial and if you guys have a tutorial it’s not you on camera so that’s what you want to do for your drop shipping business you want to make sure it’s branded around who God made you to be as an entrepreneur now if you’re starting to drop shipping business there are two websites that I recommend to you the first one is Aliexpress calm Aliexpress calm Aliexpress is if you want to ship one item at a time so the person orders from you you go to Aliexpress and you have it shipped directly to the customer Alibaba is if you want to be like your money and hold inventory so when somebody orders from you you just have it right there and you ship it to them so Alibaba will allow you to order sometimes 12 units minimum a hundred units minimum but the cost of these items is sometimes is three cents four cents yeah three four cents sometimes for these units so let’s say you want to sell Christian jewelry and on all the Express you find these beautiful cross bracelets right set let’s say that all the express will sell it to you for two dollars now you can list it on your own website for ten dollars right so somebody orders it for me for ten dollars Shopify put some money into your account you then take two dollars out of that ten dollars go to objects calm order that bracelet and have it shipped directly to the customer these is drop shipping baby this is an incredible incredible way to start a business in 2019 it’s one of my favorite ways to do it but the favorite of all time is of course going to be a Christian t-shirt business it’s just so easy thank grateful once you give me a thumbs up thank you so much hey Tracy hey simply Stacey T I’m Springer they have a glam bud hey grateful one good to see you hey mocha good to see you Kristin said I was like bumpin I used to be afraid of saying my niche was Christian woman but I was like bump that why are you afraid of that why you know what’s funny so I used to say that my niche who I served was Christian youth because my first company was teaching to Christian youth how to find their purpose and I did that two films but as I grew up my audience grew up now we’re all 30 so now I did say I serve Christian woman that’s totally fine that’s what got sort of accredited to serve you know in Corinthians when the Lord talks when Paul talks about how we each have a piece of the body we’re meant to serve so embrace that and love it because the Lord uniquely qualified you to serve this audience and so don’t be afraid of that that’s amazing they can’t get to see you so Imani DME let me know how you feel about ordering the one hundred journal I’m curious to know I’m Haitian K ship Jamaica sorry patiently guys hey Dave thank you so much for joining bless your heart to Kristen said the enemy was trying to stop me that is going to happen all the time and here’s a little secret for you okay the enemy tried to stop Jesus – mm-hmm the enemy tried to stop Jesus – the enemy after Jesus had been in the desert fasting for 40 days the enemy came and tried to tempt him and try to talk himself out of what he came here to do and if the enemy did it to Jesus he’s gonna do it to us – but here’s something what’s amazing what I’ve learned to do is embrace the fear and embrace the self-doubt because I know it’s the enemy things that this isn’t gonna work and the enemy thinks that nobody’s gonna see Christ through this the enemy is not gonna make me doubt myself I’m gonna care but if the enemy knows that what I’m doing is about to shine the lights of Christ that people are about to see how good god is because I said yes to doing this thing that’s when the enemy is going to try everything possible to get you to quit self-doubt fear anxiety questioning yourself second-guessing things being stuck by distractions these are all tactics that the enemy uses says the number one tactic is going to be procrastination the number one tactic that the enemy is going to use to stop you from living your purpose is going to be procrastination you’re gonna say oh yeah I’m gonna work on it tomorrow and then tomorrow comes on so busy on this happen on to the next day all of a sudden five months passed by five years passed by all of a sudden you’re 55 years old you’re still not in your god-given purpose and you’re trying to figure out what happened the enemy got you to believe that she would do it tomorrow that’s what the enemy is best at so today in this moment by the grace of Jesus take action on your god-given purpose do what you’re afraid of my friend Jake Ford says give fear a front-row seat to your success that’s what you got to do I’m afraid all the time don’t be stuffy right God it would go damn fine all the time but what I’ve learned to accept is that if I’m afraid of it the enemy is afraid of me doing it and that gives I need to lean into it even more lots of us have said that sounds like a t-shirt Oh amen which part o give here a front-row seat to your success I will tell Jade that because she actually is a fashion designer that’s actually a really good idea grateful said Wow quick stepping on mitosis I’m sorry I’m sorry girl I hope the shoes aren’t too tight you’ve said Amen lots of love that a lot love said yes amen praise Jesus the glam bum said you’re so right Kristen said oh my gosh Kristen said yes Roxy said Amen Jason Amen people say come through word hey cousin said right hey East Institute to give in a sense starting Bible study whoops okay guys so we’re actually my husband and I our and Bible study with my brother-in-law pastor Joshua to care he’s amazing amazing amazing gotta use him to do so many things in my life so we started Financial Peace University a few years ago and a few years ago a few weeks ago and it’s starting right now so I gotta jump off but thank you girls so so much for joining me on tonight’s broadcast if you’ve been listening to me talk about faith-based businesses but you’re not quite sure what me and a Christian actually means this being a Christian is what it says in John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life and what that means is that being a Christian is believing in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior that’s it it’s not what you done in the past it’s not what you’re gonna do in the future it’s believing in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior so if you want to make that decision all you gotta do is repeat after me and say dear Jesus I believe that you died for my sins I believe that she rose again today I believe in you as my personal Lord and Savior and Jesus name I pray eight-bed what love getting those Jesus chills boom if you prayed that prayer welcome to the kingdom says angels are literally celebrating you right now dancing your name has been written in the book of life get in church in your community and start getting to know who God is like Jesus is so good he loves you so much get started getting to know him by reading the book of John and for my girls I’m here who are you already know that you’re saved praise God you already know that God purpose you to be an entrepreneur but you’re not sure where to start get a free copy of my book the five keys of purpose for inertia to launch an online business you can get it by going to purpose legend comm class business and this is what it looks like it’s super super pink and super super pretty and it explains to you the five fundamentals of starting a faith-based business online you can get it for free the digital copy by going to purpose legend com slash business so thank you guys so much for joining me hey she Queen roxas advises father I thank you so much wisdom for weight loss thank you so much for joining the glam bump said thanks for sharing Kristin said buy things and – said you froze for about five minutes oh no that’s terrible hopefully that this is still working jesus willing god bless you girls may the Lord bless you and keep you Bellarmine a shine upon you they’ll be gracious on TV complete and total purpose over your body – all in the name of Jesus and give me a piece where I seen favor for ever and ever amen I love you girls so much and Jesus woman I will see you I got to a drunk one love you guys bye CuratorBusiness OpportunityMarketingStart a Businessbest businesses to start online,best online business 2019,business ideas,christian business,christian entrepreneur,faith-based entrepreneur,make money onlineday we are talking about the best faith-based businesses to start online in 2019 and just so you know this is a working list this is not like an end-all be-all list like this list gets updated as I've learned new stuff and learned new shortcuts and I'm just...Doing business God's way