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about my five favorite Christian business books you know
it’s it’s one of the questions that I get
asked all the time you know in fact most people say
what’s the one book you would recommend well obviously the Bible
but outside of that if you’re looking for some practical wisdom I’ve got a few you know for me personally I’ve struggled as a reader right up until the age of about 16 in fact when I was 14 I had a reading age of 11 so I was
really struggling with reading but you know I guess I got a little
bit better and then of course when I got filled with the Holy Ghost
reading became wonderful and I made it my commitment actually to read a
book a week when I was a young entrepreneur and I
stuck to that for a decade or something like
I’ve got boxes of business books in a storage
shed right now that I’ve read and just sitting there so always
been an avid reader these days I don’t get to
you know having that amount of discretionary time but having said
that I’m still a reader and still probably read one to two books
a month and just love that kind of
reading world and getting into people’s minds and so
but what does the Bible say what does the Bible say about knowledge you might
have heard you might have heard a scripture
around something like through many advisers you’ll have
success or success comes through many counselors and if
you’ve heard that wonderful but actually the Bible
actually says the same thing quite a few times
so if we look at Proverbs 11:14 it says this
where there is no council the people fail but in the multitude of councillors
there is safety right in the multitude of councillors there is safety
now counsellors are pretty easy to come by in 2020
all right so there’s a million on youtube there’s a million books there’s
a million courses so you can get a lot of those right but
they bring safety now what about this one Proverbs 15:22 listen to this without counsel
your plans will go amiss same thing but in the multitude of counsellors they
are established and then Proverbs 24:6 says for by
wise counsel you will wage your own war and in a multitude of counsellors
there is safety same thing again you know as we know from scripture
when they say the same thing over and over again you want to stand up and
take notice because it means that they mean it and it comes with another level of unction when it is said more
than once so so I would say to you that you know like
you should be getting into the minds of people that you want to emulate
right both you know both in the Bible where you can read about some of our
heroes in the faith but also in the more modern world right we
can get into the minds of people and so that’s why I’ve selected my top five
books and I’ll kind of want to run through them one at a time
and pull out the reason why I like it not just say that it is
a good book right so number one is this book here now it’s called God
Runs My Business and it is the story of R.G. LeTourneau and if you don’t know who he is
then you’ve got to ask yourself are you a real kingdom entrepreneur because this
guy he certainly wouldn’t have been the
first but in modern history he would be the pin-up boy for a guy
that took it seriously went all in and produced a huge amount
of fruit in his life now this book uh just to give you an idea R.G.
was born in 1880 right and so you know
he’s long gone but his legacy lives on forever
this book is so old that the edges of the pages
are roughly cut all right that’s how old this book is right and
it’s one of my treasured positions I absolutely love it
and it takes you through the story of R.G. who basically
there’s another book Mover of Man and Mountain about him
he developed the earth moving equipment and that became the all the patents that came with that he was given them by the Lord and he put them into production and completely
revolutionized the way that earth moving took place it was horse and cart
he came along he had a design that was pneumatic and it was funny because he built a phenomenally large business
especially in post-war World War One when the government in America he’s
American were throwing loads of money at construction that basically he rode off
the back of that and now he’s an amazing man for many reasons
good family man but you know he had a profound
effect on the gospel he was the first real person to buy an aeroplane for the sake of
ministry and so he had his business that was very
very very profitable we had something like 4 000 staff you know
producing earth moving equipment in multiple
places across America but he would finish up on a Thursday he
always had prayer meetings with his entire staff
every day bring it like shut the factory down bring them together tell
them they’ve got to repent from their filth and go you know live a life for
Jesus but on Thursday he would finish and he
would jump in his plane and he would go and do
six to ten speaking opportunities at churches and business groups sharing
the good news of Jesus before he got back to work on Monday morning and he
did that for nearly his whole adult life and he used the
profits from his business to to do amazing work around the world and and so I just really appreciate
that he used his business to fund his assignment
and because of it we’ve got a great story to tell just to pick up on one
thing he actually in here they actually give
you a bit of insight into how to structure a
business to do a lot of giving it won’t
apply like the structure names and a lot of that doesn’t apply today in
in the true term of what it’s written in here
but the concept still does and in fact on a page 129
they go into really big detail about how much money was given away
and how many shares and who owned them and what that meant in terms of retained
earnings and profits and how much money went away to
charities and good causes and events in the kingdom of God so
anyway as all of these books I’m gonna do I’m gonna put links in the show
notes because you can still buy this book today and I reckon you
should all right book number two The Happiest People
On Earth this one’s a little bit harder to come
by and it is the story of a gentleman by the name of Demos
Shakarian and if you don’t know who that is Demos
was the founder of the Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship
International which a movement that changed
the world and so what I love about this book is not only is it the story of
you know his humble beginnings right through it actually goes back further so
Demos was an Armenian and if you’ve studied church history you’ll know that
Armenia probably paid the highest price in
history as a country for their faith and
in fact right the way through to a boy prophet that came through Armenia two generations before Demos and said
God showed me there’s a genocide coming and those that will flee
to America will live and those that don’t will all be wiped out
and that prophecy came to pass within a hundred years within a hundred years
uh the Turks came over the hill and completely wiped out every single
Armenian apart from those that had fleed and so they got a lot to be happy
for hence why he’s called his book The Happiest People On Earth
because as a pentecostal believer he’s like
I’ve been given everything now not only if I’ve been given life here but I’ve
been given life afterwards and and so it’s a really cool story about
that and about how God anointed him and and I guess if I can pull one thing out
that I really love about the book he really went hard
after signs wonders miracles and a big move of the Holy Ghost in the
marketplace and I just love that about it like
when they ran meetings it was laying hands they were expecting people
to be healed expecting you know demons to be delivered
expecting that stuff and they saw it all over the
world all the time and I can’t remember the exact
numbers but at its peak Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship was
was millions of members and had some profound impacts on
governments in the world in fact I won’t spoil it but there’s
a part of the book that talks about a change within the catholic
church that brought around a huge change that helped usher in a
move of God and so it’s an amazing book for that by the way if you’re
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book number three is not a business book this is called Driven by Eternity
and you would know this is a book written by John Bevere
who is probably one of my favorite preachers in the world right now
his nickname is John severe because he just brings that
pretty hard word sometimes and very few people talk about eternity and the
afterlife and that’s what this book is about it’s about
being driven by you know the eternal perspective that we can have and
and as we should all know as believers everything about our life should be
driven for eternity you’re sharing the gospel using this
life to help populate the next life and I think we can do that in
business incredibly well so although this is not written from an
entrepreneur’s perspective after you read it you can’t help not
start to change your daily activities to be in line with using this life
preparing us for the one to come all right so I absolutely love
this book Driven by Eternity all right while I’ve got you I don’t know if
you’ve seen this in our last few episodes but i’m doing a giveaway
I wrote a cheat sheet What Does God Say About Me
and it’s a whole bunch of scriptures and the whole purpose of this document was
so that you can read it and shift your identity you know the marketplace wants
to erode your confidence and that extra zing that you’ve got and
it wants to take that zeal out of your your Christian walk
and so it’s important that we continually fill up and plumb those
wells and so all this is is a one-page cheat
sheet where you can read scriptures about what God says about you and before
you know it you can just get yourself fired up and aligned with the very identity that God says about you and you can have that
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right book number four is Supernatural Business now
you might be sitting there having a bit of a giggle yes this one was written
by me now you might be thinking well isn’t that a little bit self-seeking to put your book
in your top five no actually because I wrote it because there was a gap
in what was available for a Christian business person
right and so you know basically it’s 12 practical strategies for bigger profits
and greater influence and the reasons why it’s called
supernatural business is because this is about lifting our eyes to Jesus
using our business to advance the kingdom
and the way I wrote this was the other books i’m talking about are very
inspirational and we need that but I also wanted to write a book that
was tactical as well so not only did it work on our identity
and get us to focus on a bigger purpose but actually in here there’s marketing
strategies recruiting strategies and a whole bunch of really practical
tactical business building skills that you can
have I also have real life stories at the end of every
chapter where I take what I taught and put it into a real life setting so
that you can see that thing play out and um and you know we’ve sold I don’t
know how many sold over 7000 copies of this book and the feedback has been phenomenal
because they like the practicality of this book so
yes it is in my top five but i wrote it because
i didn’t see this kind of book existing in the marketplace
so I wrote one all right and the fifth and final book now please understand
they’re not in any order this is a great book too
is a is a book called Business Unlimited this is cool this is the story
of Gunnar Olson who was actually a good friend of
Demos and he started the
Christian Chamber of Commerce so Chamber of
Commerce is all over the world as a business group but Gunnar had a
vision from God to start a Christian version of the Chamber of Commerce
and executed that like you know again
millions of members all over the world conventions were ten thousand people but okay so just to pick on on something I love from this book
obviously it talks about the success of the Chamber of Commerce but actually it
starts with the most humble beginnings they
Gunnar and his wife had a vision from God when they had
absolutely no ability to execute on that have you ever felt like that
you ever felt like God gives you a vision that’s so big and so scary
that you just feel insignificant well that’s where these guys were
but they’re just faithful faithful with the little bit that they had when it did
not make sense at the start of their journey
when they were staring at this massive vision and nowhere with all to get it
done they just decided to step it out slowly
and over a life achieved a phenomenal amount of bringing
together the business community evangelizing the
business world you know and just ushering in a
presence of God into the marketplace and so I love that book too all of these
are available now I’ve got some good news
I’m gonna do some book giveaways I’m actually gonna give away
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