So I want to share with you what I call
the Kingdom Keys for Success. We are about to go through some crisis in this
country and every country. Some of you will lose your jobs, some of you your
business will collapse, some of you will have downsizing and right-sizing.
Some of you will have problems trying to keep your house and some of you gonna
actually lose your capacity to generate income. And I’ve been sent here by God,
perhaps just among you to tell you look, if you’re going to make it
through the crisis you have to focus on Management. Here’s God’s successful key
Genesis 1:28 says these words: “And the Lord blessed them and God said unto them,
be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have
dominion over the fish of the sea the fowl of the air and over every living
thing that creeps upon the ground.” Now, listen carefully because this is really
the heart of God’s mandate. In Genesis 1:26 God says these words about you: “let
them have dominion over the earth” In Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 God tells us
how to do it. Dominion means to govern to rule to control to manage to lead now in
verse 28 He tells us how to dominate the earth he gives us the process please get
your pen you got to write this down because anyone who wants to dominate in
the earth will have to follow God’s simple process. First of all the four
keys of principles of success in God’s program. Number One: Be Fruitful! God never
said to be “seedful” the first command God gave man was to be
what… fruitful. It’s impossible to be to produce fruit unless it was preceded by
seed God will never demand what doesn’t exist
already So God’s first command is to be fruitful
now when I looked at the word fruitful in the original Hebrew it does not mean
to have children. It shocked me! For example if having children was the
essence of God’s command then Abraham didn’t do a good job with just one
legitimate child. The word fruitful write it down it means
productive, be productive. God’s first command to humans is be productive. That
means produce something. Poverty is the absence of self production. I remember when Jesus was laying on the floor
one day eating a woman walked in she was it was illegal for to do that.
Where men were eating at that time and she stepped over Peter, James and John
and she came to him and she took this beautiful stone bottle and she braked
the top and she poured this ointment over His body and she began to rub it
into His flesh and into His feet and the scent filled the room and right away the
men knew this scent indicates a quality of ointment that was very expensive.
Matter of fact it was imported from Egypt they knew it. It was used for
embalming bodies, it cost twelve to thirteen thousand dollars U.S. in our
day. That’s why they said this is a year’s wages in one bottle. And they
complained to Him and said Sir why do You let this woman waste this
precious money on Your body. And Jesus said something very important.
They said it could have been given to the poor, His answer was: the poor you
always have with you now when I look at the word ‘poor’ there it shocked me it
doesn’t mean those who lack, it means Non-productive ones The first command of God is produce poverty is when you stop producing and by the way stay with me here…
God said to Adam be fruitful, God never gave Adam a chair or a table He hid them
in the trees God never gave man shoes, He hit them in the
cow God never built a building before, He hit
the buildings in the dirt the concrete He hit the cars and the oil in the
mountains be fruitful, be productive. The future of Australia is not in America or
England its in Australia. The capacity to produce is right here! Poverty is a lack of creativity not a
lack of resources. There is no crisis except for crisis of creativity. No money
has left the planet no matter what they say around the world no money went to
the moon no money went to Mars it’s all still here and it will be attracted to
creativity because crisis creates creativity and innovation. It is those
who are productive that will attract resources. is Multiply! Multiply means to reproduce
what you produced. If you follow any successful company… You know I was
driving here a moment ago and I just saw McDonald’s and McDonald’s is far away
from its original headquarters in uuhh… Orlando and it’s amazing when you go
to McDonald’s in any part of the world it’s the same burger. McDonald’s
has discovered God’s program more effectively than the church. First of all
you what? Produce, everybody say produce. In other
words you produce something you produce one good item.
McDonald’s produce a product called Big Mac. You cannot find a Mac anywhere else
that’s their fruit. But having a good product you will still die of starvation.
A good idea doesn’t make you wealthy or successful you got to be able to move
to stage number two – Multiply, Reproduce it. McDonald’s have develop a system that
can produce 1 billion burgers every single month and it’s the same Big Mac
in China, in Ukraine, in Mexico it’s the same burger in the Bahamas, in Jamaica, in
Trinidad, in London it’s the same burger why? they have learned to move to God’s
second stage, they produce and then they reproduce. Every successful business on earth has
stolen God’s process and only the church have missed it. That’s why we’re broke
Microsoft Bill Gates produced one good fruit and then he put the system in to
multiply it. What you cannot reproduce will die. The third command of God is
very important he said replenish everybody say replenish!
The word replenish means to Distribute. You know it’s incredible God’s ideas are
all business ideas why you are a manager No matter how good your product is and
no matter how many times you reproduce it nothing can destroy a company faster
than dead inventory Come on businessmen talk to me. You can
have the best product in the world in the warehouse and still die of
starvation. You must move to the third level of success and that is
distribution. This church was not built by God just to become a good product, He
wants to reproduce this a thousand times in the city and then He wants to
distribute it to other nations of the world. Any company anywhere in the world
who are successful have followed God’s program. The fourth level of God’s success
management program is He said Subdue! Subdue means to control the market. You
know McDonald’s have no interest in competition they are after domination If you are in business and you don’t
have a plan to dominate the market get out of the business. Bill Gates is the
wealthiest man in the world today because he was the most successful human
so far in our generation who successfully followed God’s program. He
produced a fruit, he reproduced it and then he distributed in every computer
and he was so successful that the entire government was threatened in the United
States. He began to dominate the entire computer market so they called him into
Congress sat him down and said you can’t do this you too successful you can’t
control every computer in the world. His success made him a threat. What are you
doing with your gift that’s why I’m here today you were born with a gift. Oh I
need two more sessions for this. this is too important listen to me.
Your life is a packaged seed bag Subdue, control and God says if you
follow these four principles, be fruitful produce your gift, your product, multiply
reproduce it, replenish distribute it subdue control the market the result
will be Dominion. Dominion therefore is not a pursuit it’s a result you,become,billionaire,bodas,christian,djoumessi,dominion,for,four,how,keys,make,millionaire,money,munroe,myles,rich,successful,to,wisdomSo I want to share with you what I call the Kingdom Keys for Success. We are about to go through some crisis in this country and every country. Some of you will lose your jobs, some of you your business will collapse, some of you will have downsizing and right-sizing. Some of...Doing business God's way