this is Cooper with Christians with ambition and today I’m going to talk about the richest man who ever lived in the richest man who ever lived is not Warren Buffett okay it’s not Bill Gates and not all these people we hear today the richest man who ever lived was King Solomon but then I’m not just speaking monetarily I’m speaking just in general spiritually okay so we’re talking just a man of God who was the richest man who ever lived and actually a book that kind of helped me in this is this one right here by Stephen Scott okay this is book called the richest man who ever lived King Solomon secrets to success wealth and happiness in writing these 10 financial lessons from King Solomon I used this book as well as going through Ecclesiastes and proverbs okay so if you’re ready to get some financial lessons from the richest man who ever lived stay tuned King Solomon the son of David a man after God’s own heart was David the Bible says but King Solomon was so knowledgeable so intelligent had so much wisdom that people would come to him from far away to basically just hear what he had to say okay this was a man who in our present time would be seen as not only the wealthiest man but also the most intelligent man and as we can see today wealth is not always equal intelligence so to have both of those things both knowledge and wisdom and also monetarily monetarily be wealthy okay this is a man that was just powerful okay and every time somebody would come to him they would bring him a gift whether that was livestock gold bars okay these these material possessions they would give to him as essentially an offering to hear what he had to say as a gift to hear what he would have to say and so I’m going to go through ten financial lessons that I’ve learned personally from his writings and Ecclesiastes in Proverbs and basically I’ll lay them to you because in my opinion the Bible offers some of the greatest financial advice anywhere now the first financial lesson that King Solomon got across to me and his writing is on greed and to turn away from greed greed can absolutely suck you in and spit you out if you’re not careful okay greed is something that takes over people’s lives it infiltrates everything like a cancer and just absolutely can ruin your spiritual life your family life everything okay when you’re comparing yourself to others insane I wish I had what they had things like that you’re going to get in trouble and so this is something that you know Solomon talked about quite extensively in his writings the first verse such as the fate of all who are greedy for money it robs them of life that’s proverbs 1:19 the next one greed brings grief to the whole family but those who hate bribes will live that’s proverbs 1527 greedy people try to get rich quick but don’t realize they’re headed for proverbs 28 22 that verse kind of sticks out to me as Solomon is talking about the get-rich-quick schemes that people who think you know it’s like the tortoise versus the hare and these people are the hare trying to get something quick rather than build that proper foundation that the Bible is constantly talking about and build from there the next one greed causes fighting trusting the Lord leads to prosperity that’s proverbs 28 25 and an income from charging high interest rates will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor that’s proverbs 28 8 I love verses like that because it’s just it’s so Apfel to today okay high interest rates on credit cards and higher interest rates on student loans and you know payday loan schemes things like that this is talking about you know those will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor it’s it’s funny to see these verses okay so obviously greed this is something that Salomon you know takes seriously and does not want you to be greedy and it’s funny you see King Solomon the wealthiest man who ever lived talking about how a Greek an terror you know terrorized your life can take over your life it is not something that you want and it’s something that you want to turn away from him being the wealthiest man of all is saying that that’s that’s definitely advice that I would want to heat and I suggest you do as well the next one okay diversify your life now I say to verse by your life I could say diversify your investments because diversifying your investments financially is an important thing however I think this is talking not just about your finances but also just diversifying things in general the man who is you know just a specialist is going to falter when it comes to other things so the man who has all of his money and one thing is going to falter you know when you know that part of his life goes down so if you’re only drawing from one income source if you’re only investing in one company things like that you’re relying solely on those things so if you’re a and that’s your only source of income what happens when you get fired all of a sudden you have nothing else to pull from so this is important in my opinion for income purposes and also investing purposes the first one invest in seven ventures yes and eight you do not know what disaster may come upon the land Ecclesiastes 11 – this is just that this ties perfectly into investing in you know mutual funds or investing in things that are well diversified that way you’re not you know relying on just one company rattle I know just one thing to hold you afloat you know the next one cash your bread on the surface of the waters for you will find it after many days this one is actually this one anta seeds the previous one that i spoke on but you know it’s a little confusing at first because you think you know cast your bread on the surface of the waters when you think that you’re thinking okay if i throw this out this is just going to come back soggy and moldy and you know there’s really no purpose for it but what he’s talking about is solving was a man who you know was involved in exporting importing things like that and so what he’s saying when he would send out grain on ships he would send it in multiple ships the way they weren’t all in one ship and if that ship capsized you know he would be done for so spreading out diversifying solomon knew the value of diversification and i think we should – based on his writings the next one this is something i’ve talked on extensively and actually i’ll put a link in the bible oh and a link somewhere up here for you to watch this video on debt okay and you know this is something I’m passionate about I think in America today we take on way too much day way too much debt and you know this is something that Solomon thinks you should reduce okay so if you go here the rituals over the poor and the borrower becomes the lender slave that’s proverbs 22:7 in my last video Christians are taking on too much debt I emphasized this verse and I’m emphasizing it again because I think it’s very important the richest man in the world is talking about the roots ruling over the poor and the borrower becoming the lender slave well oftentimes when you become a bar or you’re becoming poor because you’re simply boring from somebody else that you’re going to have to pay back but you’re going to have to pay more back and interest okay the next one not be a man who strikes hands in pledge or puts up security for debts if you lack the means to pay your very bed will be matched from under you okay that’s proverbs 22 26 and what he’s saying is by you know borrowing from somebody if you don’t pay that back your up to the mercy of that person so you become their slave they own you and your possessions if you don’t pay that back okay and he’s saying this is essentially somebody who’s defaulted on their debt to fault it on their loan and somebody’s taking that out from under them okay that’s why the words from Salomon and I just want to make something clear here in my study of the Bible nowhere within the Bible can I find debt being a good thing okay we talked a lot about leverage and things like that and that being a good thing and you know sometimes I think that I think that leverage would be good but then I go back to the Bible and nowhere within there does it say it’s a good thing does that mean it’s necessarily always a bad thing I don’t think so but again it doesn’t say anywhere that debt is a specifically good thing okay number four advice given is only as good as the advisor this this is something I really like because I’m an advisor and I think that I’m a stand-up advisor but that being said you need to be careful who you listen to so you know if you’re getting personal finance advice from everybody on YouTube and just taking what they have to say even just this channel you know you need to be sure that who you’re getting the advice from is somebody that you should be getting advice from so it’s somebody with wisdom and knowledge and somebody that can back up and has expertise and can actually be helpful and they’re not just looking out for their own interests but they’re looking out for you okay and so there’s just a ton of verses on this I absolutely love it without counsel plans fail but with many advisors they succeed that’s proverbs 15 20 to listen to advice and accept instruction that you may gain wisdom in the future many are the plans in the mind of a man but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand proverbs 19 20 through 21 when there’s no guidance a people falls but in an abundance of counselors there is safety proverbs 11:14 so having godly men around you that can advise you that can help you that can give you wisdom that can build you up when you’re down these are things that are important in solomon recognize those last last verse I’ll read the wave of is right in his own eyes but a wise man listens to advice that’s proverbs 12:15 ok I’m going to read that again because I just love it the way of a fool is right in his own eyes so we think that things are okay in our own eyes but a wise man listens to advice so you listen to a wise man like Solomon listen to people that could tell him things listen to his father David who was a man after God’s own heart so he could learn things and those are things we need to be aware of okay the fifth one take hold of opportunities okay God opens doors no questions but you’ve got to be the person that actually walks through I’m actually reading a book right now called just do something by Kevin de Young I would highly suggest it I’ll put a link in the bio below for those that want to take a look at it it’s an awesome book that talks about you know God has called us to do things God calls us to do things God opens doors for us God closes doors for us but ultimately it’s upon us to go through those doors okay God you know there’s a satirical news article that I saw one time where it was like man 82 is still waiting at home waiting for God to tell him what to do he’s just sat there for his whole life that’s kind of the picture we get of people who don’t actually seek God’s will they don’t actually they don’t pursue things they don’t go out and do things they just sit there and wait for an answer now there’s certainly a time to sit and be patient and wait but in the same sense we need to be ambitious about God’s goals okay we need to we need to pursue what God has for us and we need to do and be the you know hands and feet of Jesus okay and so the verse here now you are a body of Christ and individually members of it so in first Corinthians 12 27 that talks about being the hands and feet of Christ okay we are the body we are the body of Christ okay who who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap Ecclesiastes 11:4 that’s something I sent out about a week ago to some people in my I’ve got a small group that I lead something I sent out to the small group some of the men in the small group just to encourage them I think that’s perfect perfectly illustrates taking hold of opportunities who watches the wind will not sow so if you’re a farmer and you’re just sitting back and watching and planting you’re not going to sow and who looks at the clouds will not reap so him who is just dreaming all day not actually out there working you’re not going to reap okay and then the final one justice you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things that’s Ecclesiastes eleven five okay we do not know the activity of God okay we don’t know everything that is going on but we do know what we’re called to we do know how we are supposed to live and that’s to live as Christ and live with Christ in us and to pursue the things of Christ okay number six hard work is important I just want to say this real quick this is a long video you know if it’s too long for you feel free to pause it and come back but I think these are important and I think you know I sometimes I like talking about these in longer detail rather than just the short videos because there’s some true things that need to be illustrated here but number six they said is hard work is important and this is something you know that this is something that certainly King Solomon takes very seriously you know we definitely need rest okay but we also need to work hard okay not just for our family not just for our friends but also for God okay and here’s I’ve got so many verses here I’ll just read a few of them the first one take a lesson from the ants you lazybones learn from their ways and become wise though they have no prince or governor ruler to make them work they labor hard all summer gathering food for the winter proverbs six six through eight a little extra sleep and this is this is a really popular verse a little extra sleep a little more slumber a little folding of the hands to rest then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit scarcity will attack you like an armed robber proverbs 6 10 through 11 okay this is the wealthiest man of all time telling you not to be lazy the next one lazy people are soon poor hard workers get rich proverbs 10:4 that I mean if that verse doesn’t illustrate it I don’t know what does lazy people are soon poor hard workers get rich okay the the seventh one hard work is not enough okay so we talked about you know working harder but we also need to work smart okay we can’t just be out there you know grinding all day without using our minds okay we need to work smart and so hard work is not enough is number seven and this is a verse in Ecclesiastes 1010 if the iron is blunt and one does not sharpen the edge he must use more strength but wisdom helps one to succeed okay so this is talking about you know not just being a hard worker but using your intelligence if the iron is blunt and one does not sharpen the edge so if one is just beating all day with this this axe you know you’re not going to be able to get there as quick I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said if you give me four hours to chop wood I’m going to spend three of them sharpening the axe okay so this is talking about working smarter not just harder the eighth point financial lesson that we can learn from Solomon is to be a giver okay tithe is certainly important but so is giving above and beyond tithe okay do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them that’s proverbs 3:27 give freely and become more wealthy be stingy and lose everything that’s proverbs 1124 the generous will prosper those who are fresh others will themselves be refreshed problems 11:25 this is talking about giving and by giving you are getting something back okay we don’t do it just to give things back but that’s something that’s promised to us so we need to give and help others it’s a sin to belittle one’s neighbors blessed are those who help the poor proverbs 14 21 I have so many verses on this I mean there’s so much just wisdom in great lessons not just financially but just in general to learn from from Solomon and his writings and proverbs and Ecclesiastes the last verse i’ll read on this whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing but those who close their eyes to poverty will be cursed proverbs 28 7 this one hit me hard because in America at least here in the Midwest I live in the Bible Belt I don’t see poverty as much as maybe I would if I was living in a bigger city or in a third world country so sometimes I can turn my eye to it and think that it’s not a problem but it is a problem it’s a problem not just in America I mean there are there is poverty in America it’s a problem elsewhere in other countries and we need to conscious of that we need to help those people number nine never stop learning okay if you’re watching this and this is probably something that you take heed of because you’re trying to increase your knowledge and you’re trying to learn okay you’re trying to learn the wisdom of the Bible and things of that nature and you know this is something that the wealthiest man in the world of all time has certainly believed and talked about often there’s actually a quote that I like of Warren Buffett’s right-hand man Charlie Munger this is just a quote I like is in a Bible verse obviously but it says spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up to start your duties faithfully and well step by step you get ahead but not necessarily in fast spurts but you build discipline by preparing for fast burns slug it out one inch at a time day by day and at the end of the day if you live long enough most people get what they deserve okay so this is a very wealthy man in today’s age talking about the importance of you know just getting in the grind and doing it day after day and learning okay learning every day and so these are some verses that Solomon gets across to us in Proverbs cry out for insight and ask for understanding search for them as you would for silver seek them like hidden Trever treasures that’s proverbs two three four four choose my instruction rather than silver in knowledge rather than pure gold for wisdom is far more valuable than rubies nothing you desire can compare with it that’s proverbs eight 10 through 11 and the last one wise work words are more valuable than much gold and many rubies proverbs 20 15 so this is a man who had everything he’s saying that he would rather have wisdom and knowledge than the many gold bars and the rubies and just the stacks of silver that he had okay and I think that’s perfect for us to be understanding of is that we don’t just seek you know gold and we don’t just seek money and we don’t just seek you know power what we seek is knowledge and wisdom from God and through that he’s going to bless us with what we need in some cases it will be more than others but that’s not something that we’re worried about the last one fear of the Lord is the foundation wisdom knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment proverbs 9 through 10 okay and then the last one and this is something I’ve talked about you know ambition I’ve talked about working hard and working smart and all these things but we need to remember that rest is also important so we can work as hard as we want but in the end if we’re just constantly working and not taking you time back to you know thank the Lord for his blessings and you know to rest then we’re not going to be able to push again okay we can’t have this constant intensity we need to have consistency okay and just like you would training for a marathon you know you don’t just go out you know every single day all day running you go and then you rest you run and then you rest okay so we need that in our life and this is an ecclesiastic 3:3 a time to kill and a time to he’ll heal let me reread that a time to kill and a time to heal a time to break down and a time to build up that’s Ecclesiastes 3 3 so this is Solomon essentially saying there’s a time for all things okay so there it’s not always about you know being the go-getter being getting things done we also need to remember that we’re called to rest as well and so as you can see King Solomon was a great man of wealth okay and for you type-a personalities like myself we always want to pursue and we always want to be ambitious and that’s kind of what this is about is you know we can be ambitious but we can be ambitious for God enough for our own lives okay but we also need to remember that we need to take time to set back and to relax with our families and to just enjoy life and that’s something that I struggle with and it’s something that I think I need to add more into my life and it’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from reading Solomon’s words and it just is wisdom in Ecclesiastes and proverbs so if you liked this video I’d appreciate you checking out more of them feel free to subscribe comment like share let me know some other things that you’d like to hear and I look forward to doing more of these peace finance,biblical financial lessons,christian finance,christian personal finance,christians with ambition,king solomon finance,personal finance for christians,solomon financethis is Cooper with Christians with ambition and today I'm going to talk about the richest man who ever lived in the richest man who ever lived is not Warren Buffett okay it's not Bill Gates and not all these people we hear today the richest man who ever...Doing business God's way